Scat Princesses - Sexy and cruel scat mistresses - Page 58

Diana and Fernanda both need to take a shit - and they know you love to watch them pooping! They put some glass plates on the floor and squat above - with their bare sexy butts right above the plates. Then they both take a dump and you can see their smelly scat up close!

Sexy Latina Raquel needs to take a shit urgently when she approaches the human toilet in the girls' flat share. She lights a cigarette and starts to push. She dumps a long thick turd on the toilet slave's face and enjoys her cigarette. She's not even noticing the slave's moaning - she just wants to take a shit and enjoy the smoke break before she takes off and leaves him there - with a big pile of shit on his face!

This college girl's wants to make some money and immediately agrees to make a video of her shitting! She takes off her jeans and thong quickly and gets on the couch. Now that she's on her knees she sticks out her sexy naked ass and starts to push. You can see her tasty shit coming out of her tight asshole!

This beautiful russian wife's going really rough on her slave today. First he has to lick her pussy and asshole - then he'll serve her as a human toilet! She first stands above his head and pees right into his wide-open mouth - then she sits down on the chair and lays down on her side - to squeeze out a big pile of shit right into her slave's mouth. He has to eat her scat and thank her afterwards!

Lady Chantal wrapped her slave completely in cling wrap - now he's totally at her mercy and she's going to make him suffer a lot! She forces him to open his mouth wide and then pushes out a long fat turd right into it - he has to eat her shit and to make sure he doesn't miss any of it she uses a spoon to force it into his mouth and down his throat!

Princess Nikki's preparing a special gift for her scat slave - a full plate of her delicious shit! She uses her hands to spread her butt cheeks and then just shits on the plate. Of course she'll make her submissive loser eat all of her scat right from the plate - it's always amazing to see a human being going so low to eat a girl's waste!

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