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Princess Nikki is a mistress who likes to have fun whatever she feels that is. She found this mean old guy who was a pain in the ass of others and she sought to make him mellow a bit. So she invited him to her house and she made him eat her shit. She shit as he watched and then fed it to him with a spoon. He was humiliated and disgusted and mellowed like she wanted.

Princess Nikki wants her slave to eat her shit. She lies down on her stomach, spreads her butt cheeks and squeezes out turd after turd. The slave tries to grab each piece of shit straight from her butt, but misses some that fall to the ground. After Nikki finished and cleaned herself she grabs a spoon and feeds all the shit from the ground to the slave as well! He has to eat all of it!

The slave told her that he is sooo hungry! Princess Nikki told him all the time to shut the fuck up, but he continued to beg for something to eat. So Princess Nikki decided to feed him with something special now... her shit! She shits right at a plate and the slave has to eat everything, until nothing remains. Spoon by spoon. Next time he will think twice before bothering Princess Nikki...!

Princess Nikki always eats at the evening - and then has to stand up in the night and take a shit! Because there is a slave nearby she doesn't hesitate to use him instead of the normal toilet! She puts her sexy ass right above his face and then presses a nice sausage out of her tight asshole! The slave sees the shit slowly coming down on his face and...

The hot girls Rachel and Nikki really has to shit! So they take a huge bowl and starting to push the whole scat out. Now they feel comfortable again! But what shall they do with the still warm shit? They decide to order their slave to use it as a lotion! So he has to take the shit and spread it on his whole body - that will make him a soft skin, won't it...!?

Mistress Nikki's slave is really hungry and his merciful mistress is going to give him something to eat - a plate of her delicious scat! She makes him hold a white plate under her naked ass and then pees and shits on it. In the end she shows you the aftermath in detail before the slave's allowed to eat his meal!

Nikki's got a new slave - but he isn't used to serve girls as a toilet slave. Today he'll learn how to be a good toilet and eat a girl's shit! She gets in position with her sexy asshole right above his open mouth and then just lets go. The long turd she pushes out is too long for the slave's mouth and piles up on top of it - but of course he has to eat it completely. In the end he has to tell her how good her scat tasted!

Princess Nikki's preparing a special gift for her scat slave - a full plate of her delicious shit! She uses her hands to spread her butt cheeks and then just shits on the plate. Of course she'll make her submissive loser eat all of her scat right from the plate - it's always amazing to see a human being going so low to eat a girl's waste!

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