Scat Princesses - Sexy and cruel scat mistresses - Page 54

Ginger likes being watched while shitting on the toilet. So she took the camera with her and starts the recording. She shows you her nice ass at first. To give you a better perspective and let you see the whole shitting action she does not shits in the toilet - instead she shits on a newspaper! After doing the job she cleans her asshole with some toilet paper and shows you the used paper too - this is everything you want to see, isn't it...!?

This hot college girl Cassandra has to poop really soon. And she likes to let you watch her! She is nearly naked and soon starts to undress her last sexy piece of cloth. Then she takes a plastic bowl and starts to press the shit out of her tight asshole! Then she shows you her delicious result too. What do you think? Do you want to join her next time again...?

This is the first time Lady Bianca punishes the toilet boy on video! The big booty woman has to shit really soon. And her slave wasn't a good one today. So he has to get a especially hard punishment! He has to put his head under a toilet chair. Then Bianca sits down and starts to shit into his mouth! While doing so she verbally abuses him and tells him what a loser he is - That's the punishment he deserves!

Lady Noelia is eating at a very noble restaurant. She orders a good lentils dish. And she likes meat so she takes a fillet steak too. And to round it up she drinks the best white wine they have. That was a nice meal! But then she thinks about his slave waiting at home. And he shall get a special dinner too! So she orders him to lay down under the toilet chair and then starts to give him what he deserves! She pisses and scats all the nice food and the wine out again - Now both of them are happy, aren't they...?

The hot girls Rachel and Nikki really has to shit! So they take a huge bowl and starting to push the whole scat out. Now they feel comfortable again! But what shall they do with the still warm shit? They decide to order their slave to use it as a lotion! So he has to take the shit and spread it on his whole body - that will make him a soft skin, won't it...!?

Rose ate a lot at lunch. Now she relaxes in the living room as she realized that she really bad has to shit! So she calls her slave over and shows him her sexy ass. She tells him that she is going to shit into his mouth so he has to lay down! He goes to the toilet chair and Rose starts to shit all on his face. Ahh, that's much better now!

Lady Kalida's enjoying a glass of milk and her slave's lying at her feet - with a big funnel in his mouth. She then heaves the milk back up and spits it into the funnel. He has to swallow all of the vomit, but his mistress has even more plans for him. Next she takes off her thong, squats over the funnel and dumps a big shit right into the funnel. Again the slave has to swallow everything!

Mistress Esme orders her white slave to lie down on the bathroom floor and squats right over his face. She teases him with her chubby black butt before she takes a big shit right on his face. He has to eat all of her creamy caviar - right off the source!

Mistress Nikki's slave is really hungry and his merciful mistress is going to give him something to eat - a plate of her delicious scat! She makes him hold a white plate under her naked ass and then pees and shits on it. In the end she shows you the aftermath in detail before the slave's allowed to eat his meal!

Lady Chantal was really in a hurry and didn't have the time to lift the toilet lift - she just took a shit on it. Now she calls for her slave and orders him to eat her scat off the toilet lid! The slave's acting all disgusted and Lady Chantal gets really pissed. She rubs her high heel boots in the pile of shit and brutally stuffs them into the slave's mouth. He'll eat her shit - one way or another!

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