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Mistress Gaia does not like dishonest people and this guy was one of them. She had to do something to make him change and she wanted there to be one less dishonest person in the world. She checked him out and she concluded that only scat fetish was able to do the trick. She, therefore, turned him into a toilet slave and got him to eat her shit and drink her pee. It worked.

Mistress Kristina was paid to torture this guy and she did it in a manner he had never experienced before. He expected to be slapped and punished but he ended up being facesat on and made to eat shit by the mistress. He was forced to open his mouth and to chew her shit. He could do nothing to refuse and she warned him that it would be worse if he did not eat it.

Mistress Anna wanted to torture this guy to prepare him for the mission she was sending him to. She wanted to harden him so every day she did something cruel to him. Today she chose to shit on him. She made him lick her asshole and eat out her ass. She used him as her human toilet paper and he had no choice but to do all the nasty things he wanted him to do.

Lady Bianc wanted her asshole to be eaten. She had asked this guy to eat her shit but he did not. She did not want to let him go away scot-free. So she made him eat her shit because he did not eat her pussy. He had to lick her asshole and he did it because he was forced to. He learned his lesson the hard way and never failed to eat pussy again.

Mistress Gaia had bought some items but she found them missing after a few days. She could not let them get lost like that. She used her secret CCTV footage in the house to find out who had taken the lost items. She found out it was her slave. She quickly plotted his punishment and she settled on making him lick her feet as well as to eat her shit.

When this mistress sucked this guy's dick, it was with the understanding that she would have her pussy eaten too. But the guy did not do it. She had to find an alternative way to deal with him so she turned on him and she made him her toilet slave and her human toilet. She was angry at him and she did it to him without thinking twice. It worked.

Mistress Anna did not like how this loser behaved and she not only told him, but she got the assistance of this loser to punish him. She did not like people who behaved badly around her. She forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee as well as eat and drink those of her friend. The loser was shocked with what he went through and he had to learn his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Milana felt that it was not fair for this loser to call her names and then run away when she had not done anything to him. With the help of her friend, they ran after him and when they caught him, they did not bother talking to him. They went straight to punishing him and the scat princesses did it cruelly using their poo and their urine. He regretted pissing them off.

Mistress Gaia did not like how bigoted this loser was. He said some crazy and stupid things to others and tried to praise her thinking she would be impressed. She was not and instead, she was pissed. She felt it was her duty to punish him and ensure he was not an asshole anymore. She used her own asshole to punish him by making him chew her shit and swallow it.

Lady Bianc has a nice body and is a horny mistress. She loves to fuck all the time but today she found a guy who did not satisfy her. He had a small dick and since he did not satisfy her pussy, she felt like he had to do it to her ass. The only difference being that she did not want him to fuck her ass but rather to lick her asshole and to eat her shit. He had to.

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