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Mistress Anna took a shit but she left her butt with a lot of shit. It was full of it and she knew why. She had left it like that purposely because she wanted a loser to lick it. She did not want to use toilet paper to do it. So she summoned her slave and she got him to lick her asshole. He was turned into her human toilet paper.

This mistress did not like how gluttonous her slave was. He loved to eat all the time and he was kinda greedy. She did not want such a person in her house so she used scat fetish to deal with him. The mistress fed him her long turds for a few days and he had to only drink her pee. It worked and he changed because he did not want such punishment again.

This guy was a snitch and he had to be shown what is done to snitches like him. The mistresses organized a scat party specifically to torture him. He was lured to it and he did not know it was to specifically punish him. He was tortured with their shit as well as their pee and the scat princesses had the time of their life torturing him and he could not even help himself.

Mistress Lila did not want to continue having a sissy for a boyfriend. She wanted a macho man and her boyfriend was not. She sought to toughen him up and she did it by dominating and humiliating him using her shit. The guy did not know how it turned from them having fun to him being forced to eat her shit and drink her urine. But it was not optional.

This mistress has a liking for shit and she does not hide it. She loves to do crazy things and that is what she did today. The mistress took shit on a guy who had not even done anything to her. In fact, the guy did not even know her. But that did not stop the crazy mistress from doing crazy things to him for her own fun and enjoyment.

Lady Domi and lady Kimi had learned about scat fetish earlier and they wanted to put their knowledge into good use. They wanted to practice it so that they did not forget. The mistresses chose to to lure this guy and use him for humiliation. The mistresses forced the loser to undress and open his mouth and then they had a great time watching him eat their stinky poo and drink their pee.

Mistress Gaia was plotting how to punish her slaves and she settled on using scat fetish to do it. The mistress was angered by how they had disappointed her and she did not want them to repeat it. The mistress turned them into her human toilet and she got them to eat her shit. They tried to plead for mercy but the mistress did not care about what they said.

Mistress Mystique is a vengeful person. She loves to do crazy stuff and she loves to try new things all the time. When she wanted to try shit fetish, this guy pissed her off and that is how she tried it on him. The mistress turned the guy into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her poo. He had to eat all of it and also lick her asshole.

When it comes to kinky stuff, this mistress is the best at it. Today the mistress did something she had never done before and that was to spread her ass on camera and show off her butthole as well as her pussy. She was doing it on camera because she wanted to show her new boyfriend. He was kinky and he wanted to see her do extreme things. So she took a shit on camera.

Lady Kimi and lady Domi did not like this professor. He had given them a hard time in college and they hated him and his lectures. The mistress kept their cool until they graduated because they did not want to jeopardize their chances of gradating. And immediately after they graduated, the mistresses punished him and unleashed terror on him. The mistresses made him eat their shit and swallow their spit.

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