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It's the first time for my slave to be in contact with my divine shit. In former sessions I've used him as my smoking slave where he had to inhale all of my smoke, but I noticed the need of something more.. I introduce him to my toilet chair, which gives a good view on my asshole when I sit down on it. After pissing all over his face, I take a dump into his mouth so he can meet the foul smell. Next time he will eat this foul turd.

Living toilets always need a special training and I don't mind if I have to be rude to make them understand their position in this game. Their position is always unter my feet or my ass. And my slave has to chew and eat all of my shit, no matter if he's disgusted or in love with my turds. I want him to accept every little piece of the foul shit and clean up my sweet asshole afterwards, and he does. Naturally.

Goddess Amirha is a new star in the scatscene but already in the high range - and you'll quickly see why. Here's a fantastic compilation of unseen material, take-outs and footage. You will get to know things that nobody has seen before, and it's so much of an authentic touch of genius that you'll go crazy along the clip. Watch and explore farts and dirt so blunt like you've never did before!

Some extra humiliation is planned for this slave. He got abused two times before that day, but as he's so obedient, it's real fun to use him several times a day! Miss Jane and Cherie use him as their toilet and bring new issues to their meeting. Lady Jane created a burger with turd-filling for her slave that she'll feed him with, but she's not completely relieved yet and he has to crawl beneath the toilet chair once more. In between the ladies humiliate him with their whip and their destructive words!

Mistress Rosella's friends did not believe it when she told them she loves scat fetish. They asked more and the more she told them what she did to slaves the more they did not believe it. So to make them believe, she sent them evidence. She made a video and also sent them pictures showing her turning her slave into a human toilet. She shit on his face and forced him to lick her shit.

This mistress was mad that these girls did not appreciate her cooking. She was so mad because she had taken her time and her resources to prepare the meal for them. When they did not appreciate it, she went and took the spaghetti she had prepared and shit into a pan and made a nice paste which she made them eat the spaghetti with. She did not care what they felt. They should learn to be grateful.

Lady Lisa is the go to person for scat fetish instructions. She knows how to treat humiliate slaves. She knows how to teach mistresses who want to learn the fine art of slave humiliation. And today she was doing just that. She showed those who wanted to learn how to learn. She humiliated the slave by making him open his mouth and eat her shit. She then made him smear the shit all over his face.

Mistress Isabella wanted to try shit fetish. She had seen it online and she liked it so much that she had to try it. She lured a guy to her house and told her that she had a fetish for shit and that if he went along with it, he would get the best fuck of his life. She is sexy and managed to make him agree. Then she had an easy time making him eat her shit.

Princess Nikki is a mistress who likes to have fun whatever she feels that is. She found this mean old guy who was a pain in the ass of others and she sought to make him mellow a bit. So she invited him to her house and she made him eat her shit. She shit as he watched and then fed it to him with a spoon. He was humiliated and disgusted and mellowed like she wanted.

Mistress Gina wanted to show that things will not be the same. This guy thought she was a weakling and liked making fun of her. She is a restrained mistress and that is why she never responded. But he became too much and she wanted to respond once and for all and shut him up for good. So she pounced on him relaxing in his house and made him eat her shit. That did the trick.

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