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Lady Yuna does not like rude people least of all rude slaves. When she noticed that her slave was rude, she had to nip that behavior in the bud. The mistress did that by turning him into her human toilet as well as her human toilet paper. He had to eat her poo and when he was done, he was turned into a toilet paper and he wiped her asshole with his tongue.

These mistresses were trying to find a way to degrade this loser. After much discussion and debate, they settled on shitting on him. That was the best way to do it according to them. The mistresses knew he was not prepared for that kind of degradation and that was what they wanted. So the mistresses surprised him with it and they gave him the shock of his life when they did it.

Mistress Lila despised this guy and she felt that he needed to be shown how much she despised him. The mistress settled on shit fetish to do it. So she got him to go to her house and she had him eat her poo. When he was done eating her shit, the mistress also forced him to lick her asshole. The mistress turned the guy into her human toilet paper.

Mistress Anna did not like what this guy had done to her. He had refused to settle a debt he had. She was left with no choice but to settle the issue once and for all. Now that he had refused to pay her back, the mistress chose to turn her shit into the payment of debt. He had to eat all of her shit and that is how he repaid her debt.

Mistress Mystique is a vengeful person. She loves to do crazy stuff and she loves to try new things all the time. When she wanted to try shit fetish, this guy pissed her off and that is how she tried it on him. The mistress turned the guy into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her poo. He had to eat all of it and also lick her asshole.

Mistress Domi and her friend Lola had loaned this guy a lot of money. He had promised to refund all of it but it did not work out. He did not give them even a dime back even after constant reminders. They had to get the money back from him by force. So they took a shit on him and made sure he ate all of it before he was able to give them the money.

This mistress was stoned and she started having crazy ideas in her head. She wanted to try crazy shit and the first one she tried was shit fetish. She turned herself into a scat princess and she recorded herself shitting. The mistress recorded how shit came out of her asshole. And it was a pov video because she wanted everything to be captured in detail. She made her slave take the video.

When it comes to kinky stuff, this mistress is the best at it. Today the mistress did something she had never done before and that was to spread her ass on camera and show off her butthole as well as her pussy. She was doing it on camera because she wanted to show her new boyfriend. He was kinky and he wanted to see her do extreme things. So she took a shit on camera.

Lady Kimi and lady Domi did not like this professor. He had given them a hard time in college and they hated him and his lectures. The mistress kept their cool until they graduated because they did not want to jeopardize their chances of gradating. And immediately after they graduated, the mistresses punished him and unleashed terror on him. The mistresses made him eat their shit and swallow their spit.

Mistress Bianc had told this guy that she was not interesting and if he wanted to have real fun, he had to look for people who had interests similar to him. But he did not listen and the mistress had to expose him to her fun. The mistress took advantage of his insistence to turn him into a human toilet. She forced him to eat her shit and he could do nothing about it although he regretted not having listened to her.

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