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This mistress was tired of being with her partner who was always jealous of her and did not want to see her talk to any man. She was not able to live her life by avoiding me and she had to show him to style up and she did this by shitting on him. He was shocked but he also learned his lesson and learned to stop bothering her with his insecurities.

Lady Scarlet was seduced by this guy and she could tell he was really into her. She knew she could try the scat fetish she wanted with him. So she told him she would fuck him if he would try scat femdom with her. He asked what that was but she told him he would find out. He agreed and was shocked that he had to eat her poo but since they were both naked, he ate it knowing he would get to fuck her.

This guy was rude to mistress Mummy and she felt it would not be proper to teach him good manners. As she planned how to punish him, she felt like shitting and she realized that would be the best thing to do to him. So she used him as her toilet slave and as he ate her shit, she knew he would never do it again to her or anyone else for that matter.

This mistress had asked this guy to do a review for her restaurant but he refused. After a few days, he was paid by her detractors to write a bad review of it. She was so pissed that she cornered him the following day and she made him eat her shit. The mistress told him that she wanted him to review her shit. He pulled down the review he had written and wrote a proper one.

Lady Luci was not given what was due to her by this guy and she did not like that. She felt that she was left with no choice but to torture him so as to get what she wanted. The mistress did not say much but instead, she took a shit on him, peed on him and she ballbusted him before she asked him to jerk off using her shit.

This guy was a player and he had played mistress Anna and goddess Alice. When they found out, they agreed to punish him and not fight each other. They baited him and he took the bait. He went to goddess Alice's house where he was shocked to see them both. And they did not let him recover from his shock. He was made to eat shit and they did it in turns.

This guy had been sent to deliver a message to madame Ellen. But the information was negative and madame Ellen could not stomach it. She did not care whether the guy was just a messenger and she took a shit on his face. She made him lick and eat her shit before she chased him out of her house. He still had poo on his face as she chased him away.

This guy was forced to lick and to swallow lady Lucy and her friend's spit. But the mistresses were not yet done with him. He was also turned into a human toilet and he had to eat their poo. He was humiliated but he knew he was outnumbered and he could not help himself. So he just sat back and he let them do what they wanted to him so that they would be done quicker.

Mistress Bastienne has a hot ass and she does not shy away from using it to have fun. Sometimes that includes making someone lick it and sometimes it is to make a guy smell it. But today she used it to facesit this guy and as she went on, she felt like shitting so she took a shit on him and she felt great about it even though he felt like shit.

Mistress Lila did not want to have an ignorant slave. She had to do something to make sure he did not continue being a nuisance and a bother to him. This was especially so because he did not want to educate himself and stop being ignorant. So she used her shit and pee to deal with him. She took him to the bathroom and fed him poo and pee for dinner.

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