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Mistress Milana was so pressed and she wanted to take a shit. She had found a spot to shit on but when she looked closely, she saw this loser staring at her. She asked him to go away so that she could do her business but he did not. He wanted to stare at her and she did not like that. She, however, made the deal even better. She made him eat her shit.

Lady Bianc was dared by her friends to let someone eat her shit. He had to find someone who was willing to eat her shit and he was not allowed to pay him. And he had to only eat her shit and not want sex in return. She was to be given some good money if he did that. Other mistresses were defeated but she was determined to get the money. So she searched on the internet until she got someone who had a scat fetish and wanted to eat her poo. She took a video for her friends and made some good money.

Mistress Kristina was paid to torture this guy and she did it in a manner he had never experienced before. He expected to be slapped and punished but he ended up being facesat on and made to eat shit by the mistress. He was forced to open his mouth and to chew her shit. He could do nothing to refuse and she warned him that it would be worse if he did not eat it.

Mistress Gaia took her shit and she made her slave eat it. She had no reason to make him eat her shit other than she wanted to try scat fetish. She did not even bother to explain to him that. All she wanted was for him to eat her shit and she made sure he did. She forbade him from asking her questions and the guy got scared and shut up.

Mistress Anna came home to find her slave had messed up her stuff. She did not want to forgive him because she felt it would encourage him to mess up. So she dominated and degraded him using her shit fetish. She turned him into her toilet and downloaded all her shit and piss into his mouth. The slave had no choice but to drink the pee and eat the shit.

Lady Bianc met this guy who had a fetish for eating poo from asses of hot and sexy women. She was such a woman and this guy was dying to eat her shit and to lick her asshole. She was shocked at his weird and odd request, but she chose to give it a try but cautiously because she did not believe he would go through with it. But to her shock, he ate her poo and licked her asshole and wanted nothing else.

Mistress Gaia did not want to allow her slave to get away with the many mistakes he made. She was pissed at him and she felt that he was not respectful to her so she turned on him and she took a shit on him. She made him wash down the poo with her pee and the slave learned that she was not the kind of person to piss off and get away with it.

Mistress Victoria wanted to make some money from this guy. She was broke and so she tricked him and made him think he had offended her. She acted like he had done the worst thing in the world to her and she made him eat her shit. She gave him a taste for it and told him the only way out was if he paid her. He paid her handsomely to avoid the punishment.

Mistress Anna wanted to torture this guy to prepare him for the mission she was sending him to. She wanted to harden him so every day she did something cruel to him. Today she chose to shit on him. She made him lick her asshole and eat out her ass. She used him as her human toilet paper and he had no choice but to do all the nasty things he wanted him to do.

Lady Bianc wanted her asshole to be eaten. She had asked this guy to eat her shit but he did not. She did not want to let him go away scot-free. So she made him eat her shit because he did not eat her pussy. He had to lick her asshole and he did it because he was forced to. He learned his lesson the hard way and never failed to eat pussy again.

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