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I heard that you like scat, don't you...? Of course you do! And so I have decided to bake something very delicious today for you: My favorite shit brownies! I'm sure you will like them... They are soo tasty! *g* And you are allowed to watch me while preparing them for you. To allow you some very nice glances I also spread my ass cheeks for you and you can also see one end of my fresh shit sausage... and the rest follows soon!

The slave is absolutely useless! Regards of his tasks, he never do a good job! It's just his fault, that I have to punish and torture him all the time...! His balls need to be crushed and he shouldn't be allowed to move anymore, so I also wrap him up with lot of foil. Completely helpless he lies at the ground when I lower my jeans, spread my cheeks - and let my shit run out of my asshole, right into his ugly mouth...!

The sexy college girls talk a little bit outside after their course. They sit at a bench in the park and have lot of fun. But like usually they are going to shit very soon! Together they go home and decide, that YOUR face would be the best place to sit down and poo onto it! You have to open your mouth, watch at their tight assholes, till they spread - and let the shit out, right onto your face!

Domi and Kimi make this old fool lie down in the living room. The young mistresses don't have any better use for old disgusting slaves than using them as a toilet! One after another they undress and squat over the old man's face. He has to open his mouth wide while he's allowed to see their beautiful pussies and assholes - but he also has to swallow all of their disgusting shit! The girls are relentless and force him to swallow everything!

Lady Chantal isn't known for going easy on her slaves. When she feels a pressure in her tummy, she makes this one lie down in the bathroom. After squatting over his face she immediately starts to pee and shit all over it. Most of her soft disgusting shit and her smelly pee go straight into the slave's mouth, but a lot of it covers his face and the floor as well. Of course the slave not only has to eat all of Chantal's scat - he also has to clean the floor afterwards - with his tongue!

Domina Victoria orders her slave to lie down in the bathtub and sits down on the edge - with her sexy butt just above her slave's face! The she orders him to open his mouth wide and takes a big dump right into his mouth. Her turd is so long the slave has to use his hands to keep it in his mouth! Of course Victoria instructs him to chew and swallow all of her shit while she watches him closely.

Sexy Alexa's going to prepare a special meal for you today - a plate full of her delicious scat! I bet you've been waiting for this like forever, haven't you? She puts a plate on the floor and takes off her pink panties. As she kneels down over the plate you get a great view of her sexy ass and pussy. Then she starts to push and dumps a huge load of shit on the plate. Of course you get a great close-up look at it!

This crazy mistress, called Gabi, planned an extreme scat session for her slave. She stands on his legs as the slave's kneeling on the floor and sits down on his face. Now she pushes out a massive amount of soft scat which partly goes right into the slaves mouth, but is mostly covering his whole face! She rubs her ass all over his shitty face until both her ass and the slave's face are completely covered in scat!

Mistress Isabella from Italy knows no limits when it comes to training her slaves. She wants them to be totally obedient and do everything for her! She tells this one to lie down on the kitchen floor as she feels the need to take a shit. She squats over the loser's face and shits right into his mouth. Of course she makes him swallow all of her stinky brown shit!

Sexy Jordi Jae just had an accident on her way home - an accident in her leggings! She didn't make it to the toilet in time and now shows you the aftermath. As she pulls down her leggings you can see a big pile of shit in her panties. Of course she first needs to get out of the messy clothes and then clean her ass up - and she's so kind to let you watch her the whole time!

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