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Mistress Wael found out that her mechanic had recommended repairs she did not have to undertake so that he could make more money from her. She was pissed as he was very dishonest with her and it had to stop and he had to learn his lesson. The angry mistress used her shit to degrade him and that is what made him learn never to do that to someone else.

Mistress Gaia was so pissed at her husband when he talked about divorce to the point that she did something she had never done to him in an effort to make him get his head out of his ass. She used her shit to dominate him and after making him eat her poo, he changed as he did not want to escalate the issue any further. He let things cool down first.

This mistress is a hard worker and her colleague knew that. He looked bad when juxtaposed against her and he felt that it was important to sabotage her in order to cut her down to size and in so doing, he would also have a chance to look good as well. But she was not one to be sabotaged that easily and when she realized that that was what he was doing, she turned him into a human toilet and made him change.

This mistress had a new slave but he was a rude and unruly one. So to contain him and make him tone down and be the kind of person she could work with and live with, she got him to be her temporary toilet. The mistress enjoyed the punishment but she was sure that it was the total opposite for the guy as he had never been subjected to that.

Lady Dominika does not like people who do not know how to keep their promises and when this did not learn how to do it, she had to deal with him and she did it using her shit. This is because she did not want him to ever give a false promise again. So he had to eat her shit and drink her urine. It was brutal and degrading to him.

When mistress April noticed that this guy was lazy, she knew that she had to teach him how to behave and to torture him as cruelly as she could so that he never did what he had done again and so that he would stop being lazy. So the mistress took her shit and she used it to smear him on the face and warn him against ever being lazy.

When this mistress felt that she needed a hard fuck. She did not want to fuck a human being as she was afraid that the person would not fuck her as well as she wanted since he would cum. So she opted to fuck a machine and it was better than she expected. She smeared shit all over her pussy and ass before she used the machine to fuck both of them.

This guy was dismissive of mistress Wael and she did not like that. She had to take care of the loser who did that and she had to force him to learn that it was not a good thing to do that to other people without giving them any audience. So she turned the guy into a scat slave and she fed him her shit which he had to chew and swallow.

Mistress Zephy did not want this guy to keep bothering her. He was infatuated with her and he loved her ass to bits. He kept bothering her as he wanted to fuck her and she did not want that. She did not find him appealing and so she had to make him stop. She turned him into a human toilet and she had him eat her shit and drink her pee.

Mistress Mystique wanted this guy to learn that she would not deal with a rude slave in her house. That is why she chose to shit on him because she knew it was a strong punishment and he would not want to go through that again. So the mistress made him eat her shit as well as drink her pee and he was never rude to anyone again after that.

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