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Mistress Zephy did not want this guy to keep bothering her. He was infatuated with her and he loved her ass to bits. He kept bothering her as he wanted to fuck her and she did not want that. She did not find him appealing and so she had to make him stop. She turned him into a human toilet and she had him eat her shit and drink her pee.

Mistress Natalia tried to mind her business but she could not as this guy kept messing with her and she did not like it. She had to teach him to stop despising her and she did it today with her shit. He was made to eat her poo and drink her pee and that taught him the lesson that the mistress felt that he needed to learn. He changed for the better.

Mistress Mystique wanted this guy to learn that she would not deal with a rude slave in her house. That is why she chose to shit on him because she knew it was a strong punishment and he would not want to go through that again. So the mistress made him eat her shit as well as drink her pee and he was never rude to anyone again after that.

Mistress Medea was shocked to find out that one of her employees was corrupt and she had to deal with him so that he stopped being corrupt. She was so angry at him that she chose to make him her human toilet. He did not see it coming and he regretted why it had happened to him but he knew why. After being made to eat shit, he stopped being corrupt.

This guy bought himself a ticket to eat shit when he became unruly. Mistress Anna does not stand such people and this guy was one of them. He did not know that about her but he was about to find out the hard way. The mistress forced him to eat her shit and he had no choice but to do it. He found out the cost of being unruly and he did not want to be unruly anymore.

Mistress Bastienne wanted this guy to be her slave for the sake of doing nasty things to him. She did not want any help from him with any chores in the house or anything else. She wanted him to be there for her to humiliate and she did not hesitate to do that to him. He had to lick her ass, smell her farts, drink her pee as well as eat her poo.

This mistress wanted to shit on this guy because he had messed with her but as she was doing it and even slapping him, he got turned on and she could see how big his dick was. She grabbed it instinctively and she played with it then sucked it and in a little while, she was riding it and it gave her the sort of pleasure that she loved to have.

Lady Luci was tired of how nasty her neighbor was and she felt compelled to do something about it. That is why she chose to use her scat fetish to dominate him. It was cruel but she knew it was what she needed in order to stop being a bitch and a pain in the ass of almost everyone in the building. She made her drink her urine and eat her shit and she miraculously changed.

Mistress Milana was on a tight budget but she agreed to pay this plumber the expensive amount he was charging for his fixes because she wanted a good quality work. But it turned out he had overcharged her and he did not do a good job. So she made him eat her shit and drink her pee to tell him that he had to fix his mess and do it without any extra charge.

Goddess Allie loves to talk on phone and this guy wanted to hear her juicy stories but she did not like that. So she had to punish him and she did it with her shit so that he would never do that shit again. He had never imagined that the price to pay for eavesdropping would be that steep but there was nothing he could do other than comply with her orders.

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