Scat Princesses - Sexy and cruel scat mistresses - Page 51

This fat mistress makes her slave lie down on the floor and then squats over him - with her big ass right above his head. Then she starts to push and covers his face with a nasty load of stinky diarrhea. The slave's face is completely covered with her scat and he can barely breathe as he doesn't want to open his mouth and his mistress' shit is already filling up his nostrils!

Watch as mistress Gaia prepares a special breakfast for one of her slaves. She takes a bread roll and cuts it open - then places it on the floor right between her sexy high heels. Now she squats over it and takes a shit on the bread roll. To make it even better she pees into a glass afterwards and then gives both to her slave. He has to eat her scat and drink her piss!

Mistress Adison's sitting on the toilet and takes a shit when she notices there's no toilet paper anymore. She orders her slave to come in and help her out - but not by bringing toilet paper! She gets up and orders her slave to lick her ass clean. He has to lick all the shit from her butt hole and out of her ass crack. She won't let him go until her ass is absolutely spotless clean again!

Sexy Ariel Black from Canada shows some country pride by wearing a Canada t-shirt in this scat clip. She pulls down her panties and gives you a great view of her butt from behind. Before she finally starts shitting she blows out a few nasty farts right into your face - followed by a soft and stinky shit. In the end she shows you the aftermath in all detail and discusses how much this scat stinks!

Rieke and Mia are playing in the bathroom today - they want to live out their scat fetish together - but start off by kissing each other passionately. Then it's on Rieke to the deliver the first pile of shit. She sticks out her ass over the bathtubs edge and pushes out a nice dump on the white plate. Then it's Mia's turn and she delivers a nice shit too. Then they're getting really nasty, taste each other's scat and discuss the flavors!

This sexy girl puts a white plastic bowl on the toilet lid and then squats over it. The squatting makes her ass look even hotter as she starts to moan and pushes out a few nice turds that land in the plastic bowl. Of course she gives you a great close up view of her shit after she's done!

This sexy brunette scat mistress from Berlin wants to use her toilet slave. She sits down on the toilet chair and casually drinks her coffee while taking a dump - in her slave's mouth. After wiping her sexy ass she makes the slave swallow her creamy stinky shit completely - that's real toilet slavery right there!

This girl is pregnant in her 9th month and you can see her big belly as she squats down on the bathroom floor. She pulls her thong aside and reveals her pussy and asshole. Then she pushes out an extremely hard turd - followed by another one right away. She really had to push hard!

Scat mistress Jenny from Germany wants to use her slave as a human toilet. She sits down reverse on a chair so her chubby butt sticks over the edge. Her submissive toilet slave takes position under her ass right away and opens his mouth so he can swallow his mistress' shit right from the source. Jenny watches him closely and gets turned on by seeing a man chew and swallow her scat.

Alternative girl Annie bends over naked and gives you a great view of her ass as she tells you about her need to take a shit urgently. She grabs a paper towel and holds it right beneath her ass - and then presses out a nice long turd which lands on the towel. She tells you how much it stinks as she wipes her dirty asshole and shows you her scat in detail!

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