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This mistress had warned this guy not to mess with her but he went ahead and he did it. She was not going to accept it and she used her shit to tame him. The mistress forced the guy to eat her shit and in fact filled his mouth with her shit. He wished he had listened to her earlier but it was already too late and he had to take the punishment.

Mistress Milana and her friends wanted to control this guy and they felt that they had to use a stronger method than persuasion. The guy was not cooperating thus the need to use a stronger method to get him to cooperate. So the mistresses turned him into a human toilet and he ate their shit and was also forced to drink their urine. He realized they were not going to let him go and he cooperated.

Lady Luci asked this guy to lick her feet but he did it poorly and she was pissed at him and she wanted him to learn to do things her way. She had to make sure he would not disappoint her next time so she took a shit on him and she forced him to eat all of it. In addition, he had to lick and swallow her spit too in addition to jerking off to her instructions.

It had been long since mistress Anna had shot a video for her blog. She wanted to keep her subscribers engaged so she took a kinky one today that made up for the time she had not posted anything. The mistress took a shit on this loser and she made guys watch as she had fun doing it. The mistress enjoyed the episode and knew her subscribers would love it too.

When madame Ellen realized that this slave was full of shit and he was a slow learner, she taught him how to eat her shit. That was because that was her preferred method of dealing with him. And she knew that he was going to eat lots of it so she wanted him to learn how to eat it. He had no choice but to learn to eat her poo.

This mistress had gone to the hospital and seen this doctor. He misdiagnosed her and gave her the wrong drugs. She did not get well and saw another doctor who treated her well. When she got better, she had to punish him and make sure that he was more careful in his work so as not to misdiagnose patients because that might be detrimental to their health. So she took a shit on him as punishment.

When this guy wanted food from this mistress, she gave it to him but it had a special ingredient. Her shit. She put it there for him to eat and she did not care what he thought about it. She stood there and waited for him to add generous amounts of her shit to his food and eat all of it and then ask for more before she let him go.

When this mistress fired, she could not take it kindly. That was because it was not her fault. She was not the one who had messed up but her boss had made her the scapegoat. She did not go without teaching him a lesson. She took a shit on his face and had him eat her poo to show him that she was not the pushover he thought she was.

Mistress Gaia felt that this guy deserved to be punished so she did it as cruelly as she was able to. The mistress used her shit as a punishment tool so that the guy would learn his lesson and learn it the hard way. The mistress got the guy to eat her shit and he learned a lesson he had never been taught before and it served him well since then.

This guy was a loudmouth and mistress Heidi does not like such people. She had to show him what she did to people like him so as to tame them. The mistress went ahead and she turned him into a human toilet. She took a shit into his mouth and he had to eat and swallow all of it. He was shocked but he learned never to be a loudmouth again.

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