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Mistress Gaia does not like dishonest people and this guy was one of them. She had to do something to make him change and she wanted there to be one less dishonest person in the world. She checked him out and she concluded that only scat fetish was able to do the trick. She, therefore, turned him into a toilet slave and got him to eat her shit and drink her pee. It worked.

Lady Bianc was dared by her friends to let someone eat her shit. He had to find someone who was willing to eat her shit and he was not allowed to pay him. And he had to only eat her shit and not want sex in return. She was to be given some good money if he did that. Other mistresses were defeated but she was determined to get the money. So she searched on the internet until she got someone who had a scat fetish and wanted to eat her poo. She took a video for her friends and made some good money.

This mistress had a stalker and she did not like it. She had tried to sit him down and to get him to stop stalking her but he did not listen. She had no choice but look for an alternative to make him stop. So she forced the poor guy to eat her shit and drink her urine. Turning him into a human toilet worked and he did not stalk her again.

Lady Biac had asked her ex to give her back her stuff but he did not want to. They had a quarrel but he was adamant that he would not give her anything back. She got fed up with him and she used her shit to teach him a lesson. The mistress ensured her ex ate her poo and that he gave her back the things that belonged to her.

Mistress Gaia had a bitter argument with her slave and it turned out that she was right. She was in so bad a mood that she did not want to forgive him. She chose to degrade and torture him so that he learned never to argue with her again. She turned him into a scat slave. She got him to eat her shit as well as to drink her urine.

This mistress is crazy and adventurous and that is what she did today as she met another girl and she seduced her. They had fun just the two of them and it was their first time trying girl on girl fun. When they were done licking each other and sucking each other's tits, the crazy mistress turned on the other girl and she made her eat her shit and swallow it.

Goddess L found out that this loser had lied to her and he had to be punished. He had to learn that no one lied to her and got away with it. She took a poop on him and she made him drink her pee. She smeared the shit on his face and she used a shovel to make sure even the poo on his face went into his mouth.

When this mistress realized her new slave took her for granted, she punished him cruelly without warning. She did it so that he would never have to disobey her or take her for granted again. She made the punishment as cruel as she could so that he would never have to imagine himself getting that sort of punishment again. She took a shit on a plate and she fed it to him.

Mistress Gaia found out that her new slave had a problem with being attentive. He did not listen and as a result, he messed up quite often. She gave him some time to adjust but she realized it was not about adjustment but he needed to be taught a lesson. So she taught him the lesson by having him lick her ass and also shitting into his mouth. She also trampled him with high heels.

Mistress Milana did thorough investigations and she found out the person who had snitched on her. She had to teach the son of a bitch a lesson and she did. She took the guy to the woods where she threw him down with the help of her friends. They then took turns at him and shit on his face. They also took a dump in his mouth and they made him eat the poop.

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