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Lady Amira did not like the methods that her competitor was using to try and beat her. She was not going to let him do it so she did what was best for her and she cruelly made him eat her shit and drink her pee. The mistress knew that it would send a cruel message to him and he would never do such things again. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Anna wanted to torture this loser and she did it with her shit. That was because she did not want to punish him again. She wanted that to be her first and last time torturing and punishing the guy. So the mistress lured the loser to her house where instead of the fun he thought he would have with her, he ended up being degraded by being made to eat shit.

Mistress Leah was angered by this loser's bossy nature. He needed her more than she needed him but he had the audacity to be bossy towards her. She had to teach him some manners and that is why she chose to shit on him and make sure that he learned his lesson. The mistress used her scat fetish to do it and it taught him a lesson he never forgot.

Mistress Jardena does not like to be let down and these guys had done it. She was not going to let them get away with it and that is why she chose to pee on them and also shit on them. There had to be a steep price for them to pay so that they knew letting her down was not good for them and would have consequences. They never let her down again.

Madame Ellen felt that there was a lot of inaction on the part of this loser and she was not going to let that be the case all the time. So the mistress chose to shit on this loser so as to show him that she was not ready to accept his inaction. The mistress turned the guy into a human toilet and he had to eat her poo and drink her pee.

Lady Celine did not want to let her boss off the hook this time. She had been in that position many times in the past and her boss was not likely to change. He was unfair to her even when she showed him how he was being unfair. Today she chose to do something about it and she made him eat her shit to show him that she was fed up.

When mistress Karina realized that this slave was consistent in not doing what she asked, she knew she had to have a talk with him. But then she realized she had talked with him before and she had to come u with a new way to talk to him. That is why she chose to shit on him and she let the shit do the talking for her. It worked.

Mistress Gaia was not going to let her husband cheat on her and get away with it. So she punished him in a way he did not expect her to. The mistress used her shit to dominate him and she caged him first before she made him eat her poo. The mistress wanted him to feel pain from the caging and then be humiliated by eating her shit and he never did it again.

This mistress was tired of being with her partner who was always jealous of her and did not want to see her talk to any man. She was not able to live her life by avoiding me and she had to show him to style up and she did this by shitting on him. He was shocked but he also learned his lesson and learned to stop bothering her with his insecurities.

Lady Scarlet was seduced by this guy and she could tell he was really into her. She knew she could try the scat fetish she wanted with him. So she told him she would fuck him if he would try scat femdom with her. He asked what that was but she told him he would find out. He agreed and was shocked that he had to eat her poo but since they were both naked, he ate it knowing he would get to fuck her.

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