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Missa knows about your secret fetish for girl's shit - and she has no problem helping you to get off on it! She tells you to come closer as she climbs on the countertop naked. Then she gets on her knees and sticks out her perfect butt into your direction - and then takes a dump right on the countertop! She leaves a nice pile of soft stinky shit for you and shows it to you in detail!

Mistress Esme orders her white slave to lie down on the bathroom floor and squats right over his face. She teases him with her chubby black butt before she takes a big shit right on his face. He has to eat all of her creamy caviar - right off the source!

This college girl's wants to make some money and immediately agrees to make a video of her shitting! She takes off her jeans and thong quickly and gets on the couch. Now that she's on her knees she sticks out her sexy naked ass and starts to push. You can see her tasty shit coming out of her tight asshole!

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