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Mistress Lola does not appreciate anyone messing with her and when her ex tried, he had to be taught a lesson and the mistress made sure it was one he would not forget in a long time. Her ex regretted it because she was crueler than he had ever known her to be and she made him eat her shit because of what he had done. That is how he learned never to defame her again.

Princess Brooke caught this guy trying to steal from her and as punishment, he had to eat her shit or she was going to turn him over to the authorities and with his record, he was going away for a long time. So he agreed to eat the shit and it taught him never to do that again as the punishment was too much for him to bear. He changed.

Mistress Gaia was so pissed at her husband when he talked about divorce to the point that she did something she had never done to him in an effort to make him get his head out of his ass. She used her shit to dominate him and after making him eat her poo, he changed as he did not want to escalate the issue any further. He let things cool down first.

Lady Katharina and her friends wanted to punish this malicious guy for what he had done. He had never been as punished as the mistresses punished him and it was a lesson well learned for him. He was cruelly trampled and made to eat shit before the mistresses felt that he had learned his lesson and they let him clean up their mess and then go. He promised never to do it again.

Lady Luci wanted to make sure this guy did not try to hit on her as she was not attracted to him and he had an issue with taking no for an answer. The mistress teased him with her tits and once she had him where she wanted him, she used her shit to dominate him but this was after she had crushed his nuts and also peed on him.

This mistress wanted to shit on this guy because he had messed with her but as she was doing it and even slapping him, he got turned on and she could see how big his dick was. She grabbed it instinctively and she played with it then sucked it and in a little while, she was riding it and it gave her the sort of pleasure that she loved to have.

Lady Luci was tired of how nasty her neighbor was and she felt compelled to do something about it. That is why she chose to use her scat fetish to dominate him. It was cruel but she knew it was what she needed in order to stop being a bitch and a pain in the ass of almost everyone in the building. She made her drink her urine and eat her shit and she miraculously changed.

This princess had an adversarial relationship with this guy and she did not want it to go on like that. She had to make him change and she knew the best way to do that was to make sure he was humiliated and degraded like never before. So she turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit and to drink her urine. It worked.

Mistress Lola saved the best for last when it came to dealing with her ex. The mistress had promised him some good dinner but the guy was shocked when the mistress used her shit to degrade him. She made him eat her shit as well as drink her pee and she told him that was his birthday dinner. She made sure he ate all of it before she threw him out of her house.

This guy tried to steal from mistress Medea but she laid a trap for him and when she caught him, the mistress had a great time shitting on him. He was tied up and as a result, he could not do anything about it. That is how he learned never to steal from anyone as the consequences could be dire to him. The guy never forgot what happened to him.

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