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This young mistress is extremely rich and has a bunch of servants on her command - but she's also one of the kinkiest girls around! Today she follows her driver to his home and orders him to be her slave. As he's afraid to loose his job he complies and serves this kinky rich girl - but he didn't know what she was planning! She seduces him with a blowjob before getting up and puking all over his face! If that wasn't disgusting enough already ... she next squats over his face and shits on it as well. She makes him eat her vomit and shit!

This petite Japanese mistress loves to humiliate her slave in extreme ways. Today she wants to shit into his mouth and force him to swallow the scat. She just squats over his face and shits into his wide-open mouth. He has to swallow every drop of her soft stinky shit.

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