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Mistress Mia likes to prove herself. Whenever someone doubts what she is able to do, the mistress likes to use whatever means she can to prove to that person that she is not what that person thinks she is. And this guy had the unfortunate honor of being disproved using shit. She made him her human toilet and he had to eat her shit and drink her pee. He wished he had not doubted her.

This mistress is very strict and she had warned this employee severally that he would be held accountable if he did not meet targets. He did not meet them and he felt that she would do nothing to him. But he was wrong as she made him her human toilet and she made him eat her poo. He was shocked and in a few weeks, he became one of the best performing employees.

This guy tried to blackmail mistress Lola and he realized he had blackmailed the wrong person but it was too late by the time he got that realization. The mistress had already set plans in motion to punish him and make him stop shaking people down for a living. And that is how he was made to eat shit and to drink pee, something he had never done before in his life.

This guy had done a shitty job for this mistress and he went to her with an air of entitlement about what she was to give him. When she pointed out the obvious mistakes, he said he did not care and that he had done his job. She was not going to take any nonsense from such a person and she paid him with her shit because that is what he deserved.

Mistress Zephy did not like how her neighbor's noise was affecting her quality of life since she loved a quiet life. She had to act accordingly and she used her shit to make the guy realize she was capable of doing crazy as well as cruel things despite the fact that she was a quiet person and she seemed harmless. The guy moved out after what she did to him.

When this mistress and her colleague had a bet, they agreed that everything was on the table. The mistress agreed knowing that she wanted to shit on the guy while her colleague agreed because he wanted to fuck her. They played hard but there had to be one winner. She won and she enjoyed shitting on him and he could not do anything about it as he had lost fair and square.

This guy tried to steal from mistress Medea but she laid a trap for him and when she caught him, the mistress had a great time shitting on him. He was tied up and as a result, he could not do anything about it. That is how he learned never to steal from anyone as the consequences could be dire to him. The guy never forgot what happened to him.

This mistress wanted to try scat fetish but she was not sure about it and so she had to try it and do it alone. So she went to the bathroom to do it and she had a lot of fun trying it alone. She explored all the nasty and naughty ideas she had about it before she finally felt confident to do it with someone else present most likely a slave.

Madam Tulpan lives for her punishments. She always waits patiently for someone to mess with her and then she unleashes her punishment on him or her. That is what she did to this loser for messing with her. She turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to not only eat her shit but also to drink her pee. He had no option but to do as ordered.

Mistress Gaia had messed up big time and she knew that the repercussions would not be pretty. So she had to find a way to get out of trouble and that is why she chose to look for this guy who had the final authority over the matter and she made him eat her shit and drink her pee. That way, she got him to drop the matter and she was out of trouble.

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