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Goddess Parvati knows how to get what she wants. Whenever she wants something, she does not bother to beg for it. All she can do is ask and if she does not get it, she unleashes her wrath on the person who denied her request. And she always does this using her shit fetish. She is a scat princess and she is never afraid of using her poo to get her way like she did today.

With her sexy ass, this mistress knew she could get guys who wanted to fuck her to do anything. She had tried it before and it worked. She wanted to take it a notch higher today so she lied to this guy that licking her asshole was one way of turning her on. He did it but instead of just licking her, she took a shit on his face and into his mouth.

Mistress Gaia found out that her new slave had a problem with being attentive. He did not listen and as a result, he messed up quite often. She gave him some time to adjust but she realized it was not about adjustment but he needed to be taught a lesson. So she taught him the lesson by having him lick her ass and also shitting into his mouth. She also trampled him with high heels.

Mistress Kira had a bet with her boyfriend and she won it hands down. They had agreed that the winner was allowed to do whatever he or she wanted to the loser. So she chose to have her boyfriend eat her shit. She knew she could not convince him to do it in any other setting so she took the chance and she had him eat her poo and lick her asshole as well.

Mistress Milana did thorough investigations and she found out the person who had snitched on her. She had to teach the son of a bitch a lesson and she did. She took the guy to the woods where she threw him down with the help of her friends. They then took turns at him and shit on his face. They also took a dump in his mouth and they made him eat the poop.

Madame Du B felt like having her shit eaten. She had watched shit fetish videos on the internet and she wanted to try it. She did not have a slave or a loser to try it on so she got someone and she paid him to eat her shit. The guy was desperate enough to do it so she had him eat the shit and she paid him for it. It was awesome but only for her.

Mistress Alina was not amused by her lazy slave. She had noticed how lazy he was and now that she knew, she had to do something. She did not want to get stuck with a slave who did not know how to do anything. So she used her scat fetish to get him to change. She forced him to eat her shit as well as lick her asshole. He did it and learned his lesson.

Mistress Jane wanted her stuff back. She found out this guy had taken her stuff so she went with her friend to ask for them but the guy did not return them. He rude to them and they could not take it. The mistresses used high heels to trample him and after they had stripped him naked, they made him lick their asses as well as eat their shit. He also drank their pee.

Mistress Gaia caged her slave and then she took a shit as he watched. She did it and when she was done, she told him what the shit and the pee were for. She told him they were all meant to go into his mouth and down his throat. He knew she was not bluffing so he begged her to forgive him but she did not. He ate it as she caned his naked body.

Mistress Rosella wanted to show her student how to degrade practically. She had excelled on the theoretical aspects but now she wanted to show her student the practical aspect of it. She came up with a slave and asked her student to try what she had taught her. Mistress Rosella was surprised by how good she was at making him eat her shit and she joined in and they degraded him cruelly.

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