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Mistress Gaia had a bitter argument with her slave and it turned out that she was right. She was in so bad a mood that she did not want to forgive him. She chose to degrade and torture him so that he learned never to argue with her again. She turned him into a scat slave. She got him to eat her shit as well as to drink her urine.

This mistress is crazy and adventurous and that is what she did today as she met another girl and she seduced her. They had fun just the two of them and it was their first time trying girl on girl fun. When they were done licking each other and sucking each other's tits, the crazy mistress turned on the other girl and she made her eat her shit and swallow it.

Goddess L found out that this loser had lied to her and he had to be punished. He had to learn that no one lied to her and got away with it. She took a poop on him and she made him drink her pee. She smeared the shit on his face and she used a shovel to make sure even the poo on his face went into his mouth.

Mistress Milana did not like this guy and she told him. The guy thought she was messing with her and he tried to seduce her for fun. She could have none of it and she degraded him to show and prove to him that she was not messing around. She forced the poor guy to eat her poo and smear it all over his face and on his body. He did.

Mistress Jennifer and her friend have a fetish for poo. They enjoy doing crazy and humiliating things to guys and this guy was unlucky to be the target of their scat fetish. They lured him to their house and they made him eat their poo. He could do nothing about it. He had to do as they said and as they wanted. He found himself in deep shit as the mistresses turned him into a human toilet.

Goddess Antonella did not like it when he learned that this guy had a girlfriend but he was lying to her that he did not so that he could seduce her and sleep with her. She got so pissed that she chose to teach him a lesson he will never forget in a hurry. She did this through her scat princess fetish. She forced the loser to drink her urine and eat her shit.

This mistress reacts badly to disappointment. When her colleague disappointed her today, she snapped and she did something she had never imagined she could ever do to anyone at the office. She took a shit on him and she degraded him. Luckily, other staff members had gone home and it was only the two of them who were working late. She made him fear her and he never messed with her again.

Lady Biac was about to break up with her boyfriend. She wanted one last cum because he was an expert in pussy licking before she broke up with him. He had pissed her badly but she still wanted one last lick. She facesat on him and got her pussy licked expertly and when he was done, she did not fuck him. Instead, she took a shit on him and made him eat it.

Mistress Anna was so angry and pissed at this loser that she chose to do some despicable things to him. She was lucky that at the time she felt like shitting on him, she had a running stomach. Instead of going to the toilet, she chose to turn the guy into her human toilet. The scat princess made the poor guy eat her shit and swallow it all. He never messed with her again.

When this mistress realized her new slave took her for granted, she punished him cruelly without warning. She did it so that he would never have to disobey her or take her for granted again. She made the punishment as cruel as she could so that he would never have to imagine himself getting that sort of punishment again. She took a shit on a plate and she fed it to him.

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