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Gina received a request from one of her fans to shit on a toycar. She puts a small yellow toy car on the bathroom floor and then squats over the small car. The car - which is smaller than her pussy - is right under her asshole when she starts to push out a few hard turds - which land right on the roof of the toy car. In the end it's completely smeared and covered by Gina's scat!

Mistress Meagan's slave tells her how hungry he is and begs her for something to eat - well, Meagan's going to give him something to eat! She tells him to get in position under the toilet chair and open his mouth wide. Then she sits down on the chair and poops right into his wide-open mouth! He has to swallow all of her scat - that's all he gets for dinner!

Rachel Evans wants to show her slave how worthless his tiny cock is. She makes him lie down naked on the patio, squats over his crotch and then shits on his cock. But she planned to humiliate him even more. She forces him to jerk off in front of her - with his dick covered in scat!

Noelia took a valuable book from her slave's collection and reads in it while taking a shit - but the book turns out to be pretty shitty too - so she decides to use the pages as toilet paper! She pushes out some nice fat turds and then slowly rips pages from the book. The she wipes her sexy butthole with the pages and throws them on the pile of shit under her toilet chair.

This sexy petite chick isn't shitting often - but when she does, she produces massive long thick turds! She squats down over a white blanket and you can see her tight asshole getting extremely stretched as she pushes out a huge log. The massive turd lands on the floor and after wiping her ass she shows it to you in detail.

The girls had a great dinner yesterday followed by a night of partying and drinking. In the morning all 3 need to take a dump - on their toilet slave. The first one's really messy from the start as she has diarrhea and her liquid shit splatters all over the poor guys face. But the 2 other girls aren't exactly better - they both dump massive and extremely stinky turds on his face!

Ariel Black shows you her sexy ass from behind as she shoves a nice pink dildo up her tight butthole. The more she gets into it the browner the tip of the dildo gets - and the more shit comes out of her tasty ass. When she pulls out the dildo for a few seconds she pushes out a nice brown turd too before the anal dildo fucking continues - totally hot video!

This guy applied to be Lady Chantal's slave and today she's going to test him. She starts by pissing right into his mouth and busting his balls severely. After trampling him with her high heel shoes she explains what she planned as a last test - that she's going to take a shit into his mouth and that he'll be forced to eat all of it. She squats over his mouth and takes a large dump right into it. Then she watches him eat all of it!

Aline hat some Mexican dinner last night and her stomach didn't take it too well. She urgently needs to take a shit and she's going to use her human toilet for that! She sits down on the toilet chair and pushes out a really long turd of smelly shit right into the slave's mouth. He'll be forced to eat her shit - if it will still be as spicy as Aline's food was?

This sexy blonde's lying on her side on the bed naked and enjoys a cigarette. As she starts caressing her pussy she also feels the need to take a shit - but she doesn't plan to get up for it! She just pushes out some messy diarrhea and covers the white sheets with the brown mess!

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