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This mistress found herself plotting to torture as well as to dominate her boyfriend. She did not care what he felt. The mistress could not understand where she had gotten the courage to do such things but it was a lot of fun and she did not bother finding out answers to all of her questions. As long as she had fun, she was ok. And that is how he led his life.

When this mistress found out that this loser had not done the chores she had given him, she was understandably pissed. The mistress felt that she was supposed to do something cruel and humiliating so that the guy would learn never to mess with her. And that is what she did. The mistress used her shit to punish him and that is how he found himself as a human toilet.

Mistress Gaia knew she had two punishments for this loser and those are the ones which she used to tame him and to make him toe the line. The mistress first of all caged him so that he would be cramped all over and when she was done, the mistress then used her shit on him. She told him he had brought all those punishments to himself and could not blame her.

Mistress Anna wanted access to an exclusive club and she could not get it. So the mistress felt that she would have to do something extraordinary so as to get access. The mistress did that by tricking the guy a few days to when she wanted to go there and she took a shit on him so as to get him to recognize her. He did and that is how she got in.

This guy was too much according to mistress Milana. She needed to do something that he would never forget for as long as he lived. She settled on shitting and so she took him to a secluded place and she took a shit on him. He had to drink her pee besides eating her shit. Thereafter, she did not need to warn him about anything. He automatically knew how not to piss her off.

Mistress Bianc caught her husband cheating and she was so mad that she felt she had to make sure it was the first and the last time he ever did that to her. She did not want to do what he had done but she had to make sure the punishment was damn good. So she settled down on scat fetish. She forced the loser to eat her shit and drink her pee. It worked.

Madame Ellen wanted to make sure this loser knew her for who she was and never messed around with her. He had taken a lot of things for granted but today she was determined to ensure that he learned his lesson. So she chose to make the loser eat her shit as well as jerk off at the same time. The mistress loved how degraded and defeated the guy looked and she knew her punishment had worked.

Mistress Nikki did not like what she had seen from these employees. She felt like they were trying to sabotage her and she was not going to let them get away with it. She chose to use her scat fetish to teach them a lesson. The punishment was brutal but it helped them to realize that she meant what she said that they had to change. After eating her shit, they changed.

This mistress has a sexy and bouncy round ass. She is proud of it and never misses an opportunity to show it off. And today she was at it again. The mistress had a great time as she teased this guy but she had a sinister motive. After he was turned on and under her charm, the mistress chose to make him eat her shit as she turned him into a human toilet.

Mistress Kylie was bored and she found herself trying crazy and nasty stuff she had seen earlier as she was passing time on the internet. The mistress found herself trying scat fetish and she had a great time shitting on a guy and watching him eat her poo as well as lick her asshole when she was done making him eat her shit. She laughed at the guy before letting him go.

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