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This mistress is new to scat fetish but she was determined to use it to punish her slave. She made sure it was as good as she intended it to be. She is an adventurous mistress so she tried all she could and she made the loser believe she had done it before yet it was only her first time trying the scat fetish. The slave never messed with her again.

Mistress Roberta used the powers of her sex appeal and her seduction techniques to lure this guy and make him think he was going to get some. But what she really wanted was to shit on him. She had been taunted by her friends that she could not do it and she wanted to prove them wrong. And she did by making this guy eat her shit and drink her pee too.

This guy had swindled some money from this mistress and she was not too pleased with it. She wanted her money back but he kept dilly dallying. Today she did not ask him for it. But she had laid a trap for him which he fell for hook line and sinker. She then went ahead to make him eat shit till he promised to give her back her money. He did.

This mistress had a party where she invited her friend. She had called them to come and enjoy the scat fetish that she had discovered. Being the leader of the group and revered there, the other mistresses came and enjoyed what she had found out. They had fun shitting on the slave and using him as their human toilet paper. The slave's stomach was filled with shit and he did not eat for a week.

The girls had a huge dinner with spicy food the night before and in the morning they all need to take a dump. The toilet slave has a plastic container on his face to make sure he gets all of their shit. One after another they sit down on the toilet chair and shit on the loser's face. The stinky shit piles up on the toilet slave's face and covers it completely soon. He has no chance - eat their shit of suffocate under it!

It's morning time and the girls sit together and have a nice breakfast. They drink lot of coffee, cereals and buns. Everything they need to start the day with lot of power. Then it's time to prepare the meal for the slave! They want to share the tasty breakfast with him - right out of their butts! They shit everything on a plate. So much girls and so much shit! Do you believe the toilet slave can handle it...? Do you believe YOU can handle it...!? :D

Rieke and Mia are playing in the bathroom today - they want to live out their scat fetish together - but start off by kissing each other passionately. Then it's on Rieke to the deliver the first pile of shit. She sticks out her ass over the bathtubs edge and pushes out a nice dump on the white plate. Then it's Mia's turn and she delivers a nice shit too. Then they're getting really nasty, taste each other's scat and discuss the flavors!

The girl's keep their slave under the toilet chair as their human toilet and love to use it instead of a regular toilet. Today Nica gets on it first and takes a shit right on the slave's face. The big dump nearly covers his whole face and her piss burns in his eyes - but he's not allowed to clean himself up as Nicole needs to pee too. So she gets on the toilet too and also pisses on his face. Will they now allow him to get up and clean his face?

Today the toilet slave at the girls flat share is about to have a bad time ... 5 girls want to shit on his face - without allowing him to clean up in between! One after another they sit down on the toilet chair and take a shit on his face. After a second girl you can't really see his face anymore - but there's way more to come. In the end his whole face is covered with their stinky shit and he can't even breathe anymore with his nose and mouth completely covered with shit!

Diana and Fernanda both need to take a shit - and they know you love to watch them pooping! They put some glass plates on the floor and squat above - with their bare sexy butts right above the plates. Then they both take a dump and you can see their smelly scat up close!

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