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This guy was full of negativity and this mistress did not want anyone like that near her. She had to make him realize that his best company was fellow negative people and so she punished him with her shit fetish and she forced him to eat it all. He was degraded and that was the first time it hit him that negativity had its downsides too and he changed his perspective.

Mistress Jardena could not let her brother in law get away with the things he did. He liked to expose himself and he did it to her twice and she knew it was not a coincidence. She was not going to allow him disrespect himself and her like that so she made him eat shit even though it meant exposing herself to him. She felt it was a necessary evil.

Lady Yuna warned her husband from making the investment he did. She strongly warned him against it but he went against her world and did it anyway. A few months down the line he lost the investment and was speechless. She was pissed and to make sure he never went against her word again, she fed him her shit and had him drink her pee as well. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Gaia took her slave to her dungeon so that she could humiliate and punish him without any interference. She had a good time beating him up but she saved the best for last. She crushed his balls using her hands and she made him eat her shit. The slave had never had that kind of punishment before and he was not only in pain, but he was humiliated and degraded beyond measure.

When this mistress is pissed off,she does crazy things. Like today when her slave pissed her off, she decided to punish him using her shit fetish. She made him eat her shit and drink her pee. He was shocked she could make her do that but she did not care what he thought as long as he did what she wanted. She used a spoon to feed him till he ate all the shit.

Missa knows about your secret fetish for girl's shit - and she has no problem helping you to get off on it! She tells you to come closer as she climbs on the countertop naked. Then she gets on her knees and sticks out her perfect butt into your direction - and then takes a dump right on the countertop! She leaves a nice pile of soft stinky shit for you and shows it to you in detail!

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