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Mistress Medea does not take anything lying down. This guy had pissed her off and so she felt that the best thing to do to him was to shit on him. Whenever anyone angered her, she had to revenge and today was not any different. The only shock was on the guy as he was made to eat shit and drink pee, something he had never imagined doing even in his wildest dreams.

Mistress Medea was pissed at this guy because he had a big dick but he did not know how to use it properly. She felt that she had to make him know how to use it and that is why she chose to trample his balls and his dick before she made him a human toilet. The guy was shocked but he knew what to work on to avoid another humiliation.

Mistress Medea was shocked to find out that one of her employees was corrupt and she had to deal with him so that he stopped being corrupt. She was so angry at him that she chose to make him her human toilet. He did not see it coming and he regretted why it had happened to him but he knew why. After being made to eat shit, he stopped being corrupt.

Mistress Medea does not get mad. She gets even. And today this guy had pissed her off and tried to soil her reputation. She did not get mad but she definitely got even. And she did it by choosing to shit on him and make him eat all of her shit as well as drink her urine. He tried to get her to stop and not do that but she did.

This guy tried to steal from mistress Medea but she laid a trap for him and when she caught him, the mistress had a great time shitting on him. He was tied up and as a result, he could not do anything about it. That is how he learned never to steal from anyone as the consequences could be dire to him. The guy never forgot what happened to him.

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