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Mistress Iside did not like how insecure her husband was and she felt that it was high time he learned his lesson and that he stopped the nonsense he did. She was not going to allow him get away with making her life a living hell with his insecurities and that is why she felt the need to shit on him. He feared her and he learned to control his insecurities.

Mistress Iside is not the kind of girl you want to dare if you do not want the dare to be actualized. This guy dared her to do her worst and she laughed at the guy and proceeded to her worst to him. He was shocked at how she quickly turned him into a human toilet and forced him to eat her shit sand drink her pee. He regretted daring her.

Mistress Iside was interested in dominating this loser and she did not hesitate to do it today. She had tolerated him enough and today it was time for her to show him her true colors. To deal decisively with him, she used her shit to do it. He ate her poo and was shocked by what she did to him but she did not care what he felt as he needed to change.

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