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This mistress found herself plotting to torture as well as to dominate her boyfriend. She did not care what he felt. The mistress could not understand where she had gotten the courage to do such things but it was a lot of fun and she did not bother finding out answers to all of her questions. As long as she had fun, she was ok. And that is how he led his life.

Mistress Rosella and her friends mistresses Svenja, Kinky Tina and Calucci wanted to try something different. They wanted to try something outrageous and something out of the ordinary. The mistresses sat down and brainstormed about it and settled on shit fetish. The mistresses had a great time doing this to a loser they paid because of the sheer number of shit and piss he was going to eat from them.

Mistress Michelle is a mistress that takes her shitting very serious, especially when it's time to really let it fly on a slave. She is going to have her slave come over, because she has held in a huge shit all day. Mistress Michelle wants to push out huge amounts of shit. She is going to make the slave open his mouth to eat the shit.

A very hot mistress is going show off her shitting abilities by pushing out shit in her jeans. Her slave will do anything to see her shit, so she is going to shit her jeans in a very brutal way. Once she shits her jeans, she is going to pull down her shitty jeans and show them to her slave. She might even force her slave to eat her poop.

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