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Do you love to be the ass licking servant of a gorgeous mistress? Then try to catch the attention of Mistress Gaia! Her body is almost perfect! But her butt is even hotter! She allows you to worship her sexy ass. You have to lick it and clean her tight anus with your tongue! But don't believe it will remain clean - she starts to poop a huge amount of shit while you are still licking! Eat the shit and start cleaning her asshole all over again!

The toilet pig seems to be very hungry. But he is a lucky guy - Mistress Raw Desires is back! And she likes some hot new action! He seeks some chocolate and she wants to give him some! From her huge ebony ass she presses some warm shit into a bowl. Before he is allowed to eat the tasty chocolate he has to clean her asshole before. She has a lot of fun while humiliating him even more, bit after bit...!

Mistress Adison's sitting on the toilet and takes a shit when she notices there's no toilet paper anymore. She orders her slave to come in and help her out - but not by bringing toilet paper! She gets up and orders her slave to lick her ass clean. He has to lick all the shit from her butt hole and out of her ass crack. She won't let him go until her ass is absolutely spotless clean again!

Mistress Rayven calls for her slave and orders him to worship her big ass while she's on the bed. He has to lick and worship her stinky butthole until she cums! But she has way more humiliation planned for him. Next he has to lie down under the toilet chair and open his mouth wide as his mistress sits down on the chair. Then she pushes out a nice long turd of steamy shit and forces him to eat it completely.

This beautiful russian wife's going really rough on her slave today. First he has to lick her pussy and asshole - then he'll serve her as a human toilet! She first stands above his head and pees right into his wide-open mouth - then she sits down on the chair and lays down on her side - to squeeze out a big pile of shit right into her slave's mouth. He has to eat her scat and thank her afterwards!

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