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Missa's feeling really horny today and looks absolutely stunning too. In the beginning she's wearing sexy red lingerie and matching high heels - then she starts to take off her bra and panties slowly - teasing you with her sexy body and then squats over a large glass container. She tells you how much she loves being watched while taking a shit and piss - that being said she starts peeing into the container right away and then takes a nice shit into it too. She starts fingering her wet pussy while she's taking a shit and finally has a great orgasm - this girl really loves being watched in kinky situations!

This sexy girl puts a white plastic bowl on the toilet lid and then squats over it. The squatting makes her ass look even hotter as she starts to moan and pushes out a few nice turds that land in the plastic bowl. Of course she gives you a great close up view of her shit after she's done!

Noelia took a valuable book from her slave's collection and reads in it while taking a shit - but the book turns out to be pretty shitty too - so she decides to use the pages as toilet paper! She pushes out some nice fat turds and then slowly rips pages from the book. The she wipes her sexy butthole with the pages and throws them on the pile of shit under her toilet chair.

Missa knows about your secret fetish for girl's shit - and she has no problem helping you to get off on it! She tells you to come closer as she climbs on the countertop naked. Then she gets on her knees and sticks out her perfect butt into your direction - and then takes a dump right on the countertop! She leaves a nice pile of soft stinky shit for you and shows it to you in detail!

Lady Kalinda's day ward hard and long. She is on her way to her hotel room. She has to poop really soon! She still holds it for a long time... But standing in the elevator there is no way she can hold everything longer...! So she starts to empty her bladder! Then she continues her way to the hotel room. There she starts some really evil games with her slave. She pushes two eastern eggs into his dirty ass and shits on a third one. And you know what happens now...? Yeah - the slave has to eat it!

This toilet slave has to take a lot of shit! There are 14 hot girls willing to shit into the mouth of the slave. He has to eat a lot of shit! And the girls have no mercy. They poop onto his face and have a lot of fun. The slave swallows the shit and don't want to get more but the girls don't stop. In this clip you can watch Diana shitting on his face!

That's the way a slave has to do his work! The slave had to eat a lot of rubbish before - snot, spit, piss and a lot of dirt! He had to eat whatever i found on the street. But now he will get something really special. He has to swallow a huge portion of shit! Does he like it...? I don't think so but it doesn't matter as long as he does whatever i tell him...!

This hot college girl Cassandra has to poop really soon. And she likes to let you watch her! She is nearly naked and soon starts to undress her last sexy piece of cloth. Then she takes a plastic bowl and starts to press the shit out of her tight asshole! Then she shows you her delicious result too. What do you think? Do you want to join her next time again...?

Miss Missa prepares a special gift for you today - a bag filled with her delicious shit! She puts a plastic bag right beneath her sexy ass and takes a dump into it. She then gets on the normal toilet and takes a piss while she tells you how she's going to vacuum seal the bag later and send it to you - you should get the full aroma after all!

Noelia's got a pretty stable toilet routine - she needs to take a shit every morning and she always records it on video. You can see this sexy girl shitting from inside the toilet bowl. As she sits down you can see her sexy round butt and shaved pussy before she starts to piss. Then you can see as she pisses into the toilet and pushes out a nice long turd. In the end she just whipes her butt and then takes off. Wouldn't it be a dream to serve this scat princess as a human toilet for her daily routine?

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