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Mistress Anna wanted to try shit fetish. So she laid out everything the way she had seen it done in scat fetish videos. She did not have a slave to use so she paid a guy to be her slave. She paid him handsomely and since he was broke, the guy agreed to eat her poo. She taped herself shitting on him and she went to compare with the videos she had seen online.

Lady Biac had asked her ex to give her back her stuff but he did not want to. They had a quarrel but he was adamant that he would not give her anything back. She got fed up with him and she used her shit to teach him a lesson. The mistress ensured her ex ate her poo and that he gave her back the things that belonged to her.

Mistress Gaia took a dump on this guy because she was told to. When her friends told her to do something, she did it because she knew they had a reason to ask her to do it. She asked the questions later when she was done with him. She had fun doing it and when she knew why she had been asked, she was glad she had agreed to do it.

This mistress used her shit fetish to torture this guy. And when he asked her what he had done to deserve that much torture, he said she just felt like it and she did not like him. The loser was shocked and wondered why it was happening to him. The poor guy was being degraded and made to eat poo and drink pee out of no fault of his own.

Mistress Angela likes to do her things in peace. And that is what this guy did not understand. He ended up pissing her off and she punished him for it. She did not want a repeat so she tortured him using her ass and her poo. He was turned into her human toilet and made to eat her shit and drink her urine, which he did despite not wanting to.

Mistress Anna did not want her slave to learn bad manners from anyone so she took a shit on him to send a message and warn him not to do so. She was sure that if she did not do anything as cruel as that, he would be easily misled by other people and he would not be a good or obedient slave to her. The punishment worked and he never strayed.

Mistress Gaia had a bitter argument with her slave and it turned out that she was right. She was in so bad a mood that she did not want to forgive him. She chose to degrade and torture him so that he learned never to argue with her again. She turned him into a scat slave. She got him to eat her shit as well as to drink her urine.

This mistress is crazy and adventurous and that is what she did today as she met another girl and she seduced her. They had fun just the two of them and it was their first time trying girl on girl fun. When they were done licking each other and sucking each other's tits, the crazy mistress turned on the other girl and she made her eat her shit and swallow it.

Mistress Milana did not like this guy and she told him. The guy thought she was messing with her and he tried to seduce her for fun. She could have none of it and she degraded him to show and prove to him that she was not messing around. She forced the poor guy to eat her poo and smear it all over his face and on his body. He did.

Goddess Antonella did not like it when he learned that this guy had a girlfriend but he was lying to her that he did not so that he could seduce her and sleep with her. She got so pissed that she chose to teach him a lesson he will never forget in a hurry. She did this through her scat princess fetish. She forced the loser to drink her urine and eat her shit.

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