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Messalina is no stranger to totally humiliating her slaves, especially when she has to take a shit. She is going to take a huge load of shit right into a slave's mouth. The slave will be shocked at how large the load of shit truly is. He must eat up everything and take his time to clean up her asshole after he eats her shit all the way down.

Danna has a huge list of customers and clients that will do anything to see her take the biggest shit ever. They will even pay her money to see her asshole push out a nice turd. She is going to be so happy as she sees her slaves all beg her to touch her shit and feel her asshole. One slave offers to clean her asshole.

A mistress is very pissed off at her loser slave, therefore it's only natural that he get punished. She is going to make him get on his knees with his hands out in front of him under her toilet seat area. The slave has no idea that she is going to take the biggest shit right in his hands, and she will humiliate him the entire time.

Jenny is going to call her slave to get ready for one hell of an afternoon. She is going to instruct her slave to lie down, because what Jenny has in store for him is going to be so fucking brutal. She will push out shit from her ass, and she will make sure all that shit lands right on the slave's face as she is smiling.

Ariel is one hell of a hardcore mistress, because when it's time to shit, she is all over it. She is going to push out a huge load of shit and enjoy all of it, however she is going to make sure she gets her slave involved. The slave must watch the shit fall out of her ass, so he knows what he will eat for his dinner.

Sweetbaby and Miss Jane are going to be very brutal on a slave. Not only is the slave on the ground, but a group of ladies including Sweetbaby and Miss Jane are going to take turns shitting on him. The slave will be totally covered in shit, and the ladies are all going to laugh at him as he is covered in their nasty smelly poop from their assholes.

Mistress Michelle is a mistress that takes her shitting very serious, especially when it's time to really let it fly on a slave. She is going to have her slave come over, because she has held in a huge shit all day. Mistress Michelle wants to push out huge amounts of shit. She is going to make the slave open his mouth to eat the shit.

A very hot mistress is going show off her shitting abilities by pushing out shit in her jeans. Her slave will do anything to see her shit, so she is going to shit her jeans in a very brutal way. Once she shits her jeans, she is going to pull down her shitty jeans and show them to her slave. She might even force her slave to eat her poop.

Missa's feeling really horny today and looks absolutely stunning too. In the beginning she's wearing sexy red lingerie and matching high heels - then she starts to take off her bra and panties slowly - teasing you with her sexy body and then squats over a large glass container. She tells you how much she loves being watched while taking a shit and piss - that being said she starts peeing into the container right away and then takes a nice shit into it too. She starts fingering her wet pussy while she's taking a shit and finally has a great orgasm - this girl really loves being watched in kinky situations!

This sexy girl puts a white plastic bowl on the toilet lid and then squats over it. The squatting makes her ass look even hotter as she starts to moan and pushes out a few nice turds that land in the plastic bowl. Of course she gives you a great close up view of her shit after she's done!

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