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Lady Chantal's slave is hungry - well, she's going to give him something to eat - her scat! She takes a big metal dog bowl, squats over it and pushes out a big load of soft shit. Then she takes the bowl and slowly pours the runny shit into the slave's mouth. Afterwards he has to lick the bowl until it's bright and shiny again!

Mistress Astrid's going to use her human toilet now. She's wearing sexy high heels and puts one foot on the slave's chest to pin him down - so she can shit into his mouth comfortably. She shits a big load into his mouth and forces him to swallow all of her scat. In the end she wipes her butt and makes the slave eat the used toilet paper too! This scat mistress is equally cruel as beautiful!

Nikki's got a new slave - but he isn't used to serve girls as a toilet slave. Today he'll learn how to be a good toilet and eat a girl's shit! She gets in position with her sexy asshole right above his open mouth and then just lets go. The long turd she pushes out is too long for the slave's mouth and piles up on top of it - but of course he has to eat it completely. In the end he has to tell her how good her scat tasted!

Lady Chantal ordered her slave to clean this room earlier today - but it's still dirty - so she decides to punish him severely! She pulls down her jeans and takes a shit on the floor - then rubs her Buffalo boots in the shit and orders her slave to lick her shit from the dirty floor. Afterwards he has to lick the soles of her boots too. Maybe this shit-eating punishment will teach him not to disobey his mistress again!

This scat princess brought her own toilet slave to the restroom - she doesn't like to use normal toilets anymore - she prefers human ones! He has to put his head on the edge of the toilet bowl and she squats down until her asshole is right above his mouth - and then shits into it! The slave has to eat the long stinky turd she pushes out of her sexy ass!

Mistress Messalina isn't feeling well today as she has a stomach flu. Well that's bad for her - but even worse for her toilet slave! He first has to kiss and lick her asshole - then she orders him to open his mouth wide and just lets go! The soft shit practically sprays all over the loser's face - but he gets a good load into his mouth too. Then Messalina orders him to swallow the disgusting mess!

This beautiful russian wife's going really rough on her slave today. First he has to lick her pussy and asshole - then he'll serve her as a human toilet! She first stands above his head and pees right into his wide-open mouth - then she sits down on the chair and lays down on her side - to squeeze out a big pile of shit right into her slave's mouth. He has to eat her scat and thank her afterwards!

Lady Chantal wrapped her slave completely in cling wrap - now he's totally at her mercy and she's going to make him suffer a lot! She forces him to open his mouth wide and then pushes out a long fat turd right into it - he has to eat her shit and to make sure he doesn't miss any of it she uses a spoon to force it into his mouth and down his throat!

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