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These mistresses were trying to find a way to degrade this loser. After much discussion and debate, they settled on shitting on him. That was the best way to do it according to them. The mistresses knew he was not prepared for that kind of degradation and that was what they wanted. So the mistresses surprised him with it and they gave him the shock of his life when they did it.

Mistress Lila despised this guy and she felt that he needed to be shown how much she despised him. The mistress settled on shit fetish to do it. So she got him to go to her house and she had him eat her poo. When he was done eating her shit, the mistress also forced him to lick her asshole. The mistress turned the guy into her human toilet paper.

This mistress was stoned and she started having crazy ideas in her head. She wanted to try crazy shit and the first one she tried was shit fetish. She turned herself into a scat princess and she recorded herself shitting. The mistress recorded how shit came out of her asshole. And it was a pov video because she wanted everything to be captured in detail. She made her slave take the video.

This guy did not even know what scat fetish was but he wanted to hang out and have fun with goddess Allie. The mistress did not mind but she was about to make him either have the time of his life or make him regret having met her. She went with him to her house where the fun he wanted with her was him being made to eat her shit.

Mistress Milana was so pressed and she wanted to take a shit. She had found a spot to shit on but when she looked closely, she saw this loser staring at her. She asked him to go away so that she could do her business but he did not. He wanted to stare at her and she did not like that. She, however, made the deal even better. She made him eat her shit.

Lady Bianc was dared by her friends to let someone eat her shit. He had to find someone who was willing to eat her shit and he was not allowed to pay him. And he had to only eat her shit and not want sex in return. She was to be given some good money if he did that. Other mistresses were defeated but she was determined to get the money. So she searched on the internet until she got someone who had a scat fetish and wanted to eat her poo. She took a video for her friends and made some good money.

Mistress Anna came home to find her slave had messed up her stuff. She did not want to forgive him because she felt it would encourage him to mess up. So she dominated and degraded him using her shit fetish. She turned him into her toilet and downloaded all her shit and piss into his mouth. The slave had no choice but to drink the pee and eat the shit.

Mistress Milana felt that it was not fair for this loser to call her names and then run away when she had not done anything to him. With the help of her friend, they ran after him and when they caught him, they did not bother talking to him. They went straight to punishing him and the scat princesses did it cruelly using their poo and their urine. He regretted pissing them off.

Lady Bianc has a nice body and is a horny mistress. She loves to fuck all the time but today she found a guy who did not satisfy her. He had a small dick and since he did not satisfy her pussy, she felt like he had to do it to her ass. The only difference being that she did not want him to fuck her ass but rather to lick her asshole and to eat her shit. He had to.

Mistress Milana fed this loser shit because he had called her names. She did not appreciate what he had done and she did not want it to happen again. She smeared the shit on his face after she had made sure he had eaten some of it. She knew he would never do it again after the sort of punishment she had given him. The mistress then let him go,

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