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This hot college girl Cassandra has to poop really soon. And she likes to let you watch her! She is nearly naked and soon starts to undress her last sexy piece of cloth. Then she takes a plastic bowl and starts to press the shit out of her tight asshole! Then she shows you her delicious result too. What do you think? Do you want to join her next time again...?

Hot blonde college girl Marley loves to poop in front of other people. She takes off her clothes and squats on the armchair - with her ass over the edge. She put a plate in front of the armchair and takes a nice soft dump on it now - all while you're watching her closely!

Demi's doing scat videos to earn some extra money during college. Today she's doing another scat movie where she shits on a plate. She pushes out a nice fat turd and then shows you her caviar in detail. Wouldn't that make a delicious meal for you?

Libby's has a nice, but big, rump - and she's going use her toilet slave now. She squats over his face and takes a big stinky dump right on it! Her soft creamy shit fills up his mouth quickly and piles up on top of it. The clips also contains close-up and slow motion replays of the shitting action.

This college girl's wants to make some money and immediately agrees to make a video of her shitting! She takes off her jeans and thong quickly and gets on the couch. Now that she's on her knees she sticks out her sexy naked ass and starts to push. You can see her tasty shit coming out of her tight asshole!

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