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This sexy blonde's lying on her side on the bed naked and enjoys a cigarette. As she starts caressing her pussy she also feels the need to take a shit - but she doesn't plan to get up for it! She just pushes out some messy diarrhea and covers the white sheets with the brown mess!

Mistress Gaia wants to prepare a breakfast which makes coprophagist's dreams come true! She takes a large dog bowl and squats over it so you can see her tasty ass - then takes a nice shit into it. She collects her piss in a separate bowl and afterwards she tells you how she'll serve you both bowls together and watch you eat her scat and drink her piss!

Mistress Rayven calls for her slave and orders him to worship her big ass while she's on the bed. He has to lick and worship her stinky butthole until she cums! But she has way more humiliation planned for him. Next he has to lie down under the toilet chair and open his mouth wide as his mistress sits down on the chair. Then she pushes out a nice long turd of steamy shit and forces him to eat it completely.

Missa knows about your secret fetish for girl's shit - and she has no problem helping you to get off on it! She tells you to come closer as she climbs on the countertop naked. Then she gets on her knees and sticks out her perfect butt into your direction - and then takes a dump right on the countertop! She leaves a nice pile of soft stinky shit for you and shows it to you in detail!

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