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This fat mistress makes her slave lie down on the floor and then squats over him - with her big ass right above his head. Then she starts to push and covers his face with a nasty load of stinky diarrhea. The slave's face is completely covered with her scat and he can barely breathe as he doesn't want to open his mouth and his mistress' shit is already filling up his nostrils!

This sexy brunette scat mistress from Berlin wants to use her toilet slave. She sits down on the toilet chair and casually drinks her coffee while taking a dump - in her slave's mouth. After wiping her sexy ass she makes the slave swallow her creamy stinky shit completely - that's real toilet slavery right there!

The girls had a great dinner yesterday followed by a night of partying and drinking. In the morning all 3 need to take a dump - on their toilet slave. The first one's really messy from the start as she has diarrhea and her liquid shit splatters all over the poor guys face. But the 2 other girls aren't exactly better - they both dump massive and extremely stinky turds on his face!

This guy applied to be Lady Chantal's slave and today she's going to test him. She starts by pissing right into his mouth and busting his balls severely. After trampling him with her high heel shoes she explains what she planned as a last test - that she's going to take a shit into his mouth and that he'll be forced to eat all of it. She squats over his mouth and takes a large dump right into it. Then she watches him eat all of it!

This toilet slave has to take a lot of shit! There are 14 hot girls willing to shit into the mouth of the slave. He has to eat a lot of shit! And the girls have no mercy. They poop onto his face and have a lot of fun. The slave swallows the shit and don't want to get more but the girls don't stop. In this clip you can watch Diana shitting on his face!

This slave has to take a lot of shit! His head is fixed and he cannot move. His eyes are bound too and he can not see what Lady Sofia is going to do with him. And she will push him to his limits! She poops a lot of shit onto his face and into his mouth! And he has to eat the whole scat. But that's not enough. After doing the job she takes the toilet brush and "cleans" him afterwards!

That's the way a slave has to do his work! The slave had to eat a lot of rubbish before - snot, spit, piss and a lot of dirt! He had to eat whatever i found on the street. But now he will get something really special. He has to swallow a huge portion of shit! Does he like it...? I don't think so but it doesn't matter as long as he does whatever i tell him...!

Nataly loves humiliating her toilet slave and forcing him to eat her scat. She took a big messy dump in his mouth and all over his face - but he can't swallow it all. She decides to not accept his resistance and uses her high heel shoe to force the shit down his throat. She doesn't care about his moaning and choking - she only presses her shoe sole on his mouth even harder and forces the consumption of her shit!

The girls are having fun in the cottage they rented for a 4-day trip and at midnight one of the girls needs to take a shit - using a human toilet for the first time ever. Although it's her first time shitting on a slave's face she doesn't seem to be troubled by it in any way - she just sits down on the toilet chair and pushes out a long fat turd that lands right on the guy's nose and mouth! Then she just leaves him there - while her stinky shit stays on his face!

Mistress Missy is a big beautiful woman and she keeps some submissive men around - just like this one she's using as her human toilet! He has to lie down under the toilet chair while she sits down on top of it. Her big ass is right above his face when she starts to poo. She instructs him to catch all of her scat with his mouth and swallow it. After he finally swallowed all of her stinky shit she orders him to lick her asshole clean too!

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