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Mistress Mystique is a vengeful person. She loves to do crazy stuff and she loves to try new things all the time. When she wanted to try shit fetish, this guy pissed her off and that is how she tried it on him. The mistress turned the guy into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her poo. He had to eat all of it and also lick her asshole.

When it comes to kinky stuff, this mistress is the best at it. Today the mistress did something she had never done before and that was to spread her ass on camera and show off her butthole as well as her pussy. She was doing it on camera because she wanted to show her new boyfriend. He was kinky and he wanted to see her do extreme things. So she took a shit on camera.

Lady Kimi and lady Domi did not like this professor. He had given them a hard time in college and they hated him and his lectures. The mistress kept their cool until they graduated because they did not want to jeopardize their chances of gradating. And immediately after they graduated, the mistresses punished him and unleashed terror on him. The mistresses made him eat their shit and swallow their spit.

When this mistress sucked this guy's dick, it was with the understanding that she would have her pussy eaten too. But the guy did not do it. She had to find an alternative way to deal with him so she turned on him and she made him her toilet slave and her human toilet. She was angry at him and she did it to him without thinking twice. It worked.

Mistress Anna did not like how this loser behaved and she not only told him, but she got the assistance of this loser to punish him. She did not like people who behaved badly around her. She forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee as well as eat and drink those of her friend. The loser was shocked with what he went through and he had to learn his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Gaia did not like how bigoted this loser was. He said some crazy and stupid things to others and tried to praise her thinking she would be impressed. She was not and instead, she was pissed. She felt it was her duty to punish him and ensure he was not an asshole anymore. She used her own asshole to punish him by making him chew her shit and swallow it.

Mistress Jennifer did not want to encourage her slave to be a bad person. She could tell he had been getting bad advice from elsewhere and she knew that if she stayed silent, it meant she was endorsing what he did. So she chose to dominate and humiliate the guy. She did it with her shit as she turned him into a human toilet and got him to eat her poo.

Goddess Parvati knows how to get what she wants. Whenever she wants something, she does not bother to beg for it. All she can do is ask and if she does not get it, she unleashes her wrath on the person who denied her request. And she always does this using her shit fetish. She is a scat princess and she is never afraid of using her poo to get her way like she did today.

With her sexy ass, this mistress knew she could get guys who wanted to fuck her to do anything. She had tried it before and it worked. She wanted to take it a notch higher today so she lied to this guy that licking her asshole was one way of turning her on. He did it but instead of just licking her, she took a shit on his face and into his mouth.

Mistress Rosella wanted to show her student how to degrade practically. She had excelled on the theoretical aspects but now she wanted to show her student the practical aspect of it. She came up with a slave and asked her student to try what she had taught her. Mistress Rosella was surprised by how good she was at making him eat her shit and she joined in and they degraded him cruelly.

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