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You like huge mountains? You like cliffs, rocks and even stalactites and stalagmites? Then you will be happy to watch this clip! There is a lot of scat with a lot of different forms for you! My shit will allow you to think about the natural process. And there is only one last thing to fulfill the circle: You! And of course you have to do some work too! So open your mouth and empty the bowl, dog!

The toilet pig seems to be very hungry. But he is a lucky guy - Mistress Raw Desires is back! And she likes some hot new action! He seeks some chocolate and she wants to give him some! From her huge ebony ass she presses some warm shit into a bowl. Before he is allowed to eat the tasty chocolate he has to clean her asshole before. She has a lot of fun while humiliating him even more, bit after bit...!

Sexy girl Aline loves to eat exotic food. Her slave always has to watch her because she doesn't allow him to eat some tasty food too! But this time she likes to let him taste the Mexican food! Of course she wants to refine the taste before... As usually she eats her dinner. Then she has to empty her stomach some hours later... Now her slave has a big chance: He can eat all of her Mexican shit! Strange... He still seems to be unhappy...

You sucker! Why do you stopped buying my clips? Now this is your fault!! I will stop producing new clips with my sexy pussy and thick asshole. You won't see me again pressing a huge amount of shit out of my hole! Ok, this last time I will give you the chance to watch me shitting! Better use your chance or you will really miss something...! So watch the clip immediately!

Sophie is a really dirty girl! She loves to play some perverse games... And she loves it even more to think about you watching her while she has to shit! She spreads her legs wide so you can see her nice pussy and her tight asshole. The huge and tough sausage drops out of her asshole and she plays even more with her pussy. You can see the juices flowing while she gets even more horny...!

This slave is really stupid! He got an easy job to do but of course he messed it up! Now Jane is really angry... and decides to put some mess on his face instead! The useless slave has to lay down on the ground. Then the two girls start to torture him. He gets a lot of shit on his face - how disgusting! But his dick also has to feel some pain: They put a dilator into it...!

She is back again! Sandy is blond, cute - and really nasty! She hasn't used a human toilet for a long time now... She waits and suddenly sees that a slave is cleaning the apartment. She calls her girlfriend and asks her if she can use the slave... Of course she is allowed to do whatever she wants! So she orders the slave to go down, open his mouth wide and then she fills it with a lot of her shit!

This session you will never forget! It doesn't matter if you have seen every clip of me from the first day or if this is your first clip ever - you will have a unique experience watching this clip! I will train you to be my human toilet! Don't worry, you will get used to it! *g* You will have to take a huge amount of shit! Now all your dreams will come true...!

Keisha is a black ebony girl with a very big butt - and a lot of shit inside! But this is something she wants to change very soon... She sits down on the toilet seat with the human toilet below and starts to empty her butt. While it seems that there is an endless stream of shit coming out of her scat hole, the shit covers the slave's face so much, that it runs down his face to the ground...

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