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What a nice, curvy ass! LaToya shows you her sexy weapon in a pair of tight white jeans. When she pulls them down, you see a pink string and then - finally - her naked, black chocolate ass. You can't imagine yet what she's able to shit out of her tasty asshole! When she sits down on the toilet chair, her toilet slave is already waiting for her nasty, creamy turds to eat!

What a monster show! She takes this colossal pile of shit down to the kitchen floor and simply can't stop. Possibly record-breaking weight! After the chocolate-ass girl stacked the yellow shit on the floor, she takes a long piss to relieve herself completely. This must be stink like hell, but none of her business, though maybe yours! You like to watch her shit flowing out of her asshole, uh? So enjoy the show until she carries the collected shit and piss to the toilet to flush it down and give you one last view on your sweet poo.

Keisha is a black ebony girl with a very big butt - and a lot of shit inside! But this is something she wants to change very soon... She sits down on the toilet seat with the human toilet below and starts to empty her butt. While it seems that there is an endless stream of shit coming out of her scat hole, the shit covers the slave's face so much, that it runs down his face to the ground...

Nicole really likes to show you her dirty asshole and the long sausages coming out of her! She has place some white paper below her butt so you can recognize easily the huge amount of shit on the ground! But she has a reason to do it: The next thing YOU have to do is to clean the whole mess again! And as an additional bonus she added another scene for you too...!

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