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This guy partied the whole day. At the disco he met a nice woman and took her home. He hoped to fuck her! After some time and a lot of drinks later they start to have some fun. Soon both of them are naked and they decide to do the 69 position. But suddenly the hot girl starts to unload a really huge amount of shit on his face! What a bad surprise...!

Mistress Sonya just got up and is still a little sleepy when she sits down on the toilet chair and takes a huge dump on her submissive slave's face. She pushes out two nice long turds which cover the poor slave's face completely - but Sonya cares even less than usual - her mind's still in bed!

Noelia's got a pretty stable toilet routine - she needs to take a shit every morning and she always records it on video. You can see this sexy girl shitting from inside the toilet bowl. As she sits down you can see her sexy round butt and shaved pussy before she starts to piss. Then you can see as she pisses into the toilet and pushes out a nice long turd. In the end she just whipes her butt and then takes off. Wouldn't it be a dream to serve this scat princess as a human toilet for her daily routine?

This pretty petite lady starts the clip by stripping off her clothes and showing you her beautiful body - then she gets on the floor and pushes out a nasty huge turd! The turd's nearly as thick and nearly as long as her arm! That's not something you get to see at the average scat mistress!

This sexy ebony lady has a nice round booty and she's allowing you to watch her shit! She put a newspaper on the floor and takes off her jeans. Then she sticks out her butt and just lets go. The turd she squeezes out is quite thin - but it's a really long one. After whiping her ass she shows you the dump in detail and tells you how much it stinks!

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