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Lady Chantal isn't known for going easy on her slaves. When she feels a pressure in her tummy, she makes this one lie down in the bathroom. After squatting over his face she immediately starts to pee and shit all over it. Most of her soft disgusting shit and her smelly pee go straight into the slave's mouth, but a lot of it covers his face and the floor as well. Of course the slave not only has to eat all of Chantal's scat - he also has to clean the floor afterwards - with his tongue!

This guy applied to be Lady Chantal's slave and today she's going to test him. She starts by pissing right into his mouth and busting his balls severely. After trampling him with her high heel shoes she explains what she planned as a last test - that she's going to take a shit into his mouth and that he'll be forced to eat all of it. She squats over his mouth and takes a large dump right into it. Then she watches him eat all of it!

Lady Chantal's slave is hungry - well, she's going to give him something to eat - her scat! She takes a big metal dog bowl, squats over it and pushes out a big load of soft shit. Then she takes the bowl and slowly pours the runny shit into the slave's mouth. Afterwards he has to lick the bowl until it's bright and shiny again!

Lady Chantal ordered her slave to clean this room earlier today - but it's still dirty - so she decides to punish him severely! She pulls down her jeans and takes a shit on the floor - then rubs her Buffalo boots in the shit and orders her slave to lick her shit from the dirty floor. Afterwards he has to lick the soles of her boots too. Maybe this shit-eating punishment will teach him not to disobey his mistress again!

Lady Chantal wrapped her slave completely in cling wrap - now he's totally at her mercy and she's going to make him suffer a lot! She forces him to open his mouth wide and then pushes out a long fat turd right into it - he has to eat her shit and to make sure he doesn't miss any of it she uses a spoon to force it into his mouth and down his throat!

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