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The slave was allowed to accompany Mistress Tina to dinner the day before - of course he paid for her delicious meal - and today she's going to give it back to him. She orders him to lie down next to the couch, sits down on the couch with her ass hanging over the edge and then shits right into the slave's wide open mouth. Her shit comes out in a thin long sausage that fills up the slave's mouth quickly and then piles up on his lips. Then Tina wipes her ass and then leans back and watches him eat all of her scat.

Lady Melissa needs to take a shit and her slave's begging for something to eat for days - what a perfect coincident! She places a paper plate on the floor, takes off her panties and squats over the plate. She pushes out an extremely long turd and then tells the slave to start eating her scat - without his hands! Like a pig on all fours he tries to grab the stinky sausage with his mouth and slowly eats all of his mistress' shit. Of course he'll have to thank her for this generous meal afterwards!

Mandy Flores is a really kinky girl. She puts a black plate on the floor, squats over it and then you can watch her asshole puckering over the plate ... until some nice fat turds fall out of it. She then wipes her sexy butt and shows you her shit close up from all sides. In the next scene you can see her pissing into a measuring cup and then she shits on another plate. Rare to see scat videos with such a beautiful lady!

Mandy Flores is a giantess and she shows you how she'd treat her shrunken slave's in this video. She takes a tiny doll and shoves it deep up her asshole. You can see it disappearing deeper and deeper as she sticks out her behind into your direction. Then she shits it back out and buries it under a huge load of her nasty scat!

Together with my girlfriend we have some fun and talk about different kind of shit. Then we realize that we really have to take a shit! We are happy that our toilet slave is nearby! So he just has to open his mouth and then we can start shitting into it! She seems to be a little bit disgusted but this is not our problem - we feel more comfortable now and this is the only thing we are interested in...!

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