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Human Toilet

Mistress diarrheas on her slave

It had been long since this mistress had diarrhea. She tried to eat bad food in the hopes of getting it. Today she did and she yelled at her slave to rush to where she was. When he came, she turned him into her own human toilet. She shit into his mouth and made him eat her diarrhea. Since some remained on her ass, she made him lick it all away.
Mistress diarrheas on her slave
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Mistress Gaia tortures slave in her dungeon

Mistress Gaia took her slave to her dungeon so that she could humiliate and punish him without any interference. She had a good time beating him up but she saved the best for last. She crushed his balls using her hands and she made him eat her shit. The slave had never had that kind of punishment before and he was not only in pain, but he was humiliated and degraded beyond measure.
Mistress Gaia tortures slave in her dungeon
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Mistress punishes slave by making him eat shit

When this mistress is pissed off,she does crazy things. Like today when her slave pissed her off, she decided to punish him using her shit fetish. She made him eat her shit and drink her pee. He was shocked she could make her do that but she did not care what he thought as long as he did what she wanted. She used a spoon to feed him till he ate all the shit.
Mistress punishes slave by making him eat shit
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Mistress Roxy makes slave eat scat

Mistress Roxy was in the mood to humiliate. It did not matter that her slave had not done anything to her. She just had to humiliate him because that is one of the reasons why she had him. She used him as her human ashtray and enjoyed seeing him in pain before she made him her human toilet and shit on his face. Luckily she did not ask him to eat it.
Mistress Roxy makes slave eat scat
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That's what best friends are for

Karina had a talk with her best friend that somehow disturbed her... her best friend talks about human toilets and really wanted to try out being one! Karina is curious about that statement and wants her friend to lie down on the floor... she crouches down above his face and drops a big turd on in. He really was serious about it!!! He doesn't complain but copes with the shit on his face perfectly!
That's what best friends are for
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Conditioning with scat and electric shocks

Hook the slave with shit

Princess Nikki feeds guy shit

Goddess Amirha humiliates her slave

Want to humiliate someone? Check what this mistress does

Mistress Gaia punishes slave cruelly

Mistress Isabella punishes her friend's slave

Lisa has fun humiliating loser

Mistress Rosella gets slave to eat shit

Extreme and bizarre Mistress Gaia

Giving him his daily potion

Submissive puke-eater get fed

Nasty fastfood-shit for living toilet

Brave example of greedy shiteater

Scat girl feeds her husband

Jerk off while you eat my shit!

Spicy food means stinky shit for the slave

Technique of keeping porcelain clean

Giving him five piles of shit!

Thirty minutes inhaling, then eating

Pushing the scat into his mouth

She makes you her new toilet!

Huge amound of shit to suck

Colossal pile of yellow-brown shit

Your first time as my toilet!

Scatqueen Michelle serves him the shit!

The slave gets fresh shit

Very hard punishment for the slave

First you will drink my pee...

Humiliated by boot wearing scat mistresses

Jessica serves him lot of shit twice!

College brats shit at your face!

Serving Domi and Kimi as a toilet slave

Princess Rachel leaves a huge dump!

Oops! My diarrhea in your face!

Tina uses him first time

Morning ritual with some shit!

Bandaged and ordered to eat shit!

Big butt and lot of shit!

We need to feel comfortable...

Sandy and her human toilet

Lot of scat for you, slave!

Keisha gives him lot of shit!

The new slave will be tested

First eat and then shit

Human toilet in the summer house

The scat queens fill his mouth!

The caviar boy has to eat

The toilet game for our slave

Kiki's first time using the human toilet

Sexy brunette shits in his mouth

Girl shits on his face at midnight

Slave's dinner is scat today!

Messy meal for the scat slave

Ass worship and scat eating

Princess Sofia poops into slave's mouth

BBW poos into slave's mouth

Beautiful girl shits a lot on slave's face

Sexy latina scat mistress

Sexy Latina takes a dump on slave's face