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Mistress Anna wanted to show this guy that she was serious. She was having a discussion with him but he did not seem to take her seriously. So she humiliated him to catch his attention. She did this using her shit fetish. She forced him to eat her shit and after he had swallowed her shit and drank her pee, he knew she was serious and he did what she wanted.

Lady Domi is an award winning slave trainer. She knows how to get to slaves and losers and to make them do what she wants. This slave was brought to her to train and she did not waste time getting down to it. She first of all undressed him and she made him lie down. She then got on top of him and she turned him into her human toilet. He was degraded and shocked and he never disobeyed again.

Lady Yuna warned her husband from making the investment he did. She strongly warned him against it but he went against her world and did it anyway. A few months down the line he lost the investment and was speechless. She was pissed and to make sure he never went against her word again, she fed him her shit and had him drink her pee as well. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Rosella and her friend mistress Mara caught this slave with some of their stolen items. They wanted to know where he had found them. He could not tell them and they knew he was the one who had stolen them. They did not let him go. They punished him using their poo and pee and taught him a lesson he had never been taught before. He never stole again after that.

Mistress Nony hates this guy and his guts. She tried to avoid his path but he kept trying to piss her off any chance he got. She was fed up and had to do something. He thought she was a harmless mistress and would not do anything to him. But he was wrong and she did. To show him she had guts herself, she went to his house and turned him into her human toilet. She made him eat her shit.

Lady Yuna likes slaves who tell the truth. But her slave was a little liar and she was not happy about it. He lied about things which were obvious and the mistress knew that if anything was to change, she had to do something radical. She went to her slave's room and she shit on him. She forced him to eat and swallow her shit and that taught him a lesson.

Mistress Jane did not have food to feed her slave. He consumed a lot of food but he had little to show for it. She was fed up with him and she had to punish him for it. She wanted to make him more hardworking. She took him to her torture chamber and she pooped to a bowl and she made him eat the shit. She also pissed and had him drink it.

Mistress Anna was told of scat fetish by her friends. They made it sound so cool and she had to try it. She went out and got herself an average slave and she went home with him. She did not even let him settle down. She threw him down and she got on top of him and started to shit on him and humiliate him in whichever way she felt like.

Mistress Anna wanted to cut down her budget. She looked for ways to make savings and one of the way she identified was to cut back on food. So she decided to start that day. She was the only one who ate. When her slave demanded food, she made him eat her shit. She told him she had processed the food for him to eat and forced him to eat it.

Princess Nikki has a shit fetish. And whenever she can, she always makes her slave do what she wants which is usually to eat her shit. She does not do anything else to him like punish him using high heels or ballbust him. She only makes him eat her shit like she did today. He has eaten her shit so much that he has probably gotten used to it by now.

Lady Lisa is the go to person for scat fetish instructions. She knows how to treat humiliate slaves. She knows how to teach mistresses who want to learn the fine art of slave humiliation. And today she was doing just that. She showed those who wanted to learn how to learn. She humiliated the slave by making him open his mouth and eat her shit. She then made him smear the shit all over his face.

Mistress Rosella likes to have fun with her slaves. She does not have friends so her slaves and losers are all she has. The problem with her is that she does not know how to treat her so called friends. She does whatever she wants and she feels like doing to them. Today she felt like shitting on someone's face and her slave was unlucky to be the one she did this to.

Mistress Isabella is not like other mistresses. She does not like to humiliate and degrade a slave unless she has a very good reason to do so. That is what happened today. She was minding her own business when her friend came and asked her to punish her slave because he was rude and she could not handle him. She used her shit to punish the slave and he immediately changed his ways and her friend never had trouble with the slave again.

Lisa loves her shit and she enjoys sharing it with other people. Mostly slaves and losers. She met this loser when she was out jogging and he was the perfect person to shit on. She went back home with him and she made him eat her shit and also drink her vomit. Being as cruel as she is, she did not care what he felt and how degraded he was.

Lady Chantal isn't known for going easy on her slaves. When she feels a pressure in her tummy, she makes this one lie down in the bathroom. After squatting over his face she immediately starts to pee and shit all over it. Most of her soft disgusting shit and her smelly pee go straight into the slave's mouth, but a lot of it covers his face and the floor as well. Of course the slave not only has to eat all of Chantal's scat - he also has to clean the floor afterwards - with his tongue!

Sexy Alexa's going to prepare a special meal for you today - a plate full of her delicious scat! I bet you've been waiting for this like forever, haven't you? She puts a plate on the floor and takes off her pink panties. As she kneels down over the plate you get a great view of her sexy ass and pussy. Then she starts to push and dumps a huge load of shit on the plate. Of course you get a great close-up look at it!

Sexy Jordi Jae just had an accident on her way home - an accident in her leggings! She didn't make it to the toilet in time and now shows you the aftermath. As she pulls down her leggings you can see a big pile of shit in her panties. Of course she first needs to get out of the messy clothes and then clean her ass up - and she's so kind to let you watch her the whole time!

The slave was allowed to accompany Mistress Tina to dinner the day before - of course he paid for her delicious meal - and today she's going to give it back to him. She orders him to lie down next to the couch, sits down on the couch with her ass hanging over the edge and then shits right into the slave's wide open mouth. Her shit comes out in a thin long sausage that fills up the slave's mouth quickly and then piles up on his lips. Then Tina wipes her ass and then leans back and watches him eat all of her scat.

Lady Melissa needs to take a shit and her slave's begging for something to eat for days - what a perfect coincident! She places a paper plate on the floor, takes off her panties and squats over the plate. She pushes out an extremely long turd and then tells the slave to start eating her scat - without his hands! Like a pig on all fours he tries to grab the stinky sausage with his mouth and slowly eats all of his mistress' shit. Of course he'll have to thank her for this generous meal afterwards!

Mandy Flores is a really kinky girl. She puts a black plate on the floor, squats over it and then you can watch her asshole puckering over the plate ... until some nice fat turds fall out of it. She then wipes her sexy butt and shows you her shit close up from all sides. In the next scene you can see her pissing into a measuring cup and then she shits on another plate. Rare to see scat videos with such a beautiful lady!

Mandy Flores is a giantess and she shows you how she'd treat her shrunken slave's in this video. She takes a tiny doll and shoves it deep up her asshole. You can see it disappearing deeper and deeper as she sticks out her behind into your direction. Then she shits it back out and buries it under a huge load of her nasty scat!

Watch as mistress Gaia prepares a special breakfast for one of her slaves. She takes a bread roll and cuts it open - then places it on the floor right between her sexy high heels. Now she squats over it and takes a shit on the bread roll. To make it even better she pees into a glass afterwards and then gives both to her slave. He has to eat her scat and drink her piss!

This sexy girl puts a white plastic bowl on the toilet lid and then squats over it. The squatting makes her ass look even hotter as she starts to moan and pushes out a few nice turds that land in the plastic bowl. Of course she gives you a great close up view of her shit after she's done!

Gina received a request from one of her fans to shit on a toycar. She puts a small yellow toy car on the bathroom floor and then squats over the small car. The car - which is smaller than her pussy - is right under her asshole when she starts to push out a few hard turds - which land right on the roof of the toy car. In the end it's completely smeared and covered by Gina's scat!

Ariel Black shows you her sexy ass from behind as she shoves a nice pink dildo up her tight butthole. The more she gets into it the browner the tip of the dildo gets - and the more shit comes out of her tasty ass. When she pulls out the dildo for a few seconds she pushes out a nice brown turd too before the anal dildo fucking continues - totally hot video!

This sexy blonde's lying on her side on the bed naked and enjoys a cigarette. As she starts caressing her pussy she also feels the need to take a shit - but she doesn't plan to get up for it! She just pushes out some messy diarrhea and covers the white sheets with the brown mess!

Mistress Gaia wants to prepare a breakfast which makes coprophagist's dreams come true! She takes a large dog bowl and squats over it so you can see her tasty ass - then takes a nice shit into it. She collects her piss in a separate bowl and afterwards she tells you how she'll serve you both bowls together and watch you eat her scat and drink her piss!

Missa knows about your secret fetish for girl's shit - and she has no problem helping you to get off on it! She tells you to come closer as she climbs on the countertop naked. Then she gets on her knees and sticks out her perfect butt into your direction - and then takes a dump right on the countertop! She leaves a nice pile of soft stinky shit for you and shows it to you in detail!

This guy partied the whole day. At the disco he met a nice woman and took her home. He hoped to fuck her! After some time and a lot of drinks later they start to have some fun. Soon both of them are naked and they decide to do the 69 position. But suddenly the hot girl starts to unload a really huge amount of shit on his face! What a bad surprise...!

Lady Noelia is eating at a very noble restaurant. She orders a good lentils dish. And she likes meat so she takes a fillet steak too. And to round it up she drinks the best white wine they have. That was a nice meal! But then she thinks about his slave waiting at home. And he shall get a special dinner too! So she orders him to lay down under the toilet chair and then starts to give him what he deserves! She pisses and scats all the nice food and the wine out again - Now both of them are happy, aren't they...?

Mistress Nikki's slave is really hungry and his merciful mistress is going to give him something to eat - a plate of her delicious scat! She makes him hold a white plate under her naked ass and then pees and shits on it. In the end she shows you the aftermath in detail before the slave's allowed to eat his meal!

Mistress Thalia's sitting on her slave's face and enjoys a delicious slice of pizza when she feels the need to take a shit - but she won't get up! She just shits while sitting on her slave face and continues to eat the Pizza. Her soft shit is smeared all over his face and well through her ass cheeks!

This petite Japanese mistress loves to humiliate her slave in extreme ways. Today she wants to shit into his mouth and force him to swallow the scat. She just squats over his face and shits into his wide-open mouth. He has to swallow every drop of her soft stinky shit.

Hot blonde college girl Marley loves to poop in front of other people. She takes off her clothes and squats on the armchair - with her ass over the edge. She put a plate in front of the armchair and takes a nice soft dump on it now - all while you're watching her closely!

Sexy Missa's wearing her pink lingerie and hold-up stockings when she starts masturbating on the bathroom floor using a big skin-toned dildo. As she rides the sex toy hard she farts a few times and asks you if you mind her farting - but of course you love it, right? In the end she gets on her knees in front of you and you can see her sexy ass as she takes a shit on the bathroom floor - right in front of you!

Missa looks gorgeous as she slowly takes off her stripper outfit and presents a nice pair of white panties - with a hole cut into them right around her asshole. She squats on the floor and you can see her tasty butt up close as she starts pushing out a nice stiff turd which falls right to the ground!

This sexy babe puts a grey towel in the bathtub, gets into it and then wants to take a nice piss and shit on the towel. You can see a nice close up of her ass as she starts to push out her scat. Her stinky brown shit lands on the towel and by the end of the clip the towel's completely soaked with her piss too!

This girl hasn't done any scat femdom videos before - but she's more than eager to try it out! She gets on the toilet chair with her ass right above the slave's face and then starts shitting immediately - like it's the most natural thing to do to shit on another human's face! She pushes out a lot of her hot shit and covers the slave's completely with creamy brown scat!

Demi's doing scat videos to earn some extra money during college. Today she's doing another scat movie where she shits on a plate. She pushes out a nice fat turd and then shows you her caviar in detail. Wouldn't that make a delicious meal for you?

Sexy scat princess Kalida steps on a low ladder so you can see her sexy butt even better as she's about to poop. She squats on the ladder and sticks her ass into your direction - and then starts to push out a nice turd! At the end of the clip she shows you the pile of shit in detail and from all directions.

The friends have a little get-together at their flat and 2 of the girls need to take a shit - good that they've a human toilet at their apartment! They just sit down on the toilet chair and take a dump right on the guy's face. After the second girl took a shit you can see their scat piling up on his face!

This sexy ebony lady has a nice round booty and she's allowing you to watch her shit! She put a newspaper on the floor and takes off her jeans. Then she sticks out her butt and just lets go. The turd she squeezes out is quite thin - but it's a really long one. After whiping her ass she shows you the dump in detail and tells you how much it stinks!

This scat princess brought her own toilet slave to the restroom - she doesn't like to use normal toilets anymore - she prefers human ones! He has to put his head on the edge of the toilet bowl and she squats down until her asshole is right above his mouth - and then shits into it! The slave has to eat the long stinky turd she pushes out of her sexy ass!

Sexy Latina Raquel needs to take a shit urgently when she approaches the human toilet in the girls' flat share. She lights a cigarette and starts to push. She dumps a long thick turd on the toilet slave's face and enjoys her cigarette. She's not even noticing the slave's moaning - she just wants to take a shit and enjoy the smoke break before she takes off and leaves him there - with a big pile of shit on his face!

This college girl's wants to make some money and immediately agrees to make a video of her shitting! She takes off her jeans and thong quickly and gets on the couch. Now that she's on her knees she sticks out her sexy naked ass and starts to push. You can see her tasty shit coming out of her tight asshole!

Princess Nikki's preparing a special gift for her scat slave - a full plate of her delicious shit! She uses her hands to spread her butt cheeks and then just shits on the plate. Of course she'll make her submissive loser eat all of her scat right from the plate - it's always amazing to see a human being going so low to eat a girl's waste!

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