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This guy was not putting his all into the project and this angered his project supervisor mistress Karina. She had to do something about it and she did it cruelly. She turned him into her human toilet. She made him eat her shit and also swallow it. By the time she was done with him, he had made a mental note to change. But he was humiliated some more before he was let alone.

Lady Angie knows how to get what she wants. She wanted some information from this guy and he pretended that he could not hear her. She was pissed off and she had to teach him never to ignore her again. She called her friend to witness what she wanted to do to him. She undressed and enjoyed shitting on the slave and seeing him eat the shit and then swallow it.

Princess Mia knew that this loser wanted her and had a crush on her. But she did not like him and felt nothing towards him. She decided to have fun with him, which was really at his expense. She called him over and as they had fun, she undressed and so did he. She made him lick her ass and touch it. But as he was enjoying it, he found himself eating her shit.

Whenever goddess Amirha discovers something, she does it with so much vigor and dedication till it bores her. This time she was into shit fetish. Her slave bore the brunt of her enthusiasm as she made him eat her shit on a regular basis and from different angles as well different places in the house. She spared her toilet and used him instead. Instead of flushing the toilet, she made him swallow her shit.

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