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This mistress is a hot one. But just as she is hot, she is also weird and cruel at the same time. She likes to do things only crazy people can only think about let alone try. She likes to get people to do what she likes or wants such as have them eat her shit. She made her slave eat it before she went out horse riding with her friend as if nothing happened.

Mistress Rosella likes to have fun with her slaves. She does not have friends so her slaves and losers are all she has. The problem with her is that she does not know how to treat her so called friends. She does whatever she wants and she feels like doing to them. Today she felt like shitting on someone's face and her slave was unlucky to be the one she did this to.

Mistress Gaia is not a mistress you want to piss off especially if you are her slave. She is one unforgiving mistress and she enjoys punishing people for doing something she does not like. This slave was new and he did not know. But he soon found out when she used him as her human toilet. She shit on his face and made him lick her shit and swallow it. He learned his lesson.

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