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Alternative girl Annie bends over naked and gives you a great view of her ass as she tells you about her need to take a shit urgently. She grabs a paper towel and holds it right beneath her ass - and then presses out a nice long turd which lands on the towel. She tells you how much it stinks as she wipes her dirty asshole and shows you her scat in detail!

The girls' toilet slave is on duty under the toilet seat as always. At midnight one of the girls enters the room and sits down on the toilet. She dumps a huge load of soft scat on the toilet slave's face. The huge pile of shit covers his mouth completely and a big part of his nose too! So now he has to decide - either eat the huge load of shit or risk to be smothered by it!

Gina received a request from one of her fans to shit on a toycar. She puts a small yellow toy car on the bathroom floor and then squats over the small car. The car - which is smaller than her pussy - is right under her asshole when she starts to push out a few hard turds - which land right on the roof of the toy car. In the end it's completely smeared and covered by Gina's scat!

Mistress Meagan's slave tells her how hungry he is and begs her for something to eat - well, Meagan's going to give him something to eat! She tells him to get in position under the toilet chair and open his mouth wide. Then she sits down on the chair and poops right into his wide-open mouth! He has to swallow all of her scat - that's all he gets for dinner!

Rachel Evans wants to show her slave how worthless his tiny cock is. She makes him lie down naked on the patio, squats over his crotch and then shits on his cock. But she planned to humiliate him even more. She forces him to jerk off in front of her - with his dick covered in scat!

Noelia took a valuable book from her slave's collection and reads in it while taking a shit - but the book turns out to be pretty shitty too - so she decides to use the pages as toilet paper! She pushes out some nice fat turds and then slowly rips pages from the book. The she wipes her sexy butthole with the pages and throws them on the pile of shit under her toilet chair.

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