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What a monster show! She takes this colossal pile of shit down to the kitchen floor and simply can't stop. Possibly record-breaking weight! After the chocolate-ass girl stacked the yellow shit on the floor, she takes a long piss to relieve herself completely. This must be stink like hell, but none of her business, though maybe yours! You like to watch her shit flowing out of her asshole, uh? So enjoy the show until she carries the collected shit and piss to the toilet to flush it down and give you one last view on your sweet poo.

Wow! This clip is so hot and amazing! The three lesbians are so beauty! And they are even sexier when they start to shit! They grab the shit with their hands, just when it leaves their assholes! They adore the shit and smear it all over their naked bodies, until they are covered with so much shit! They even put the shit right into the mouth and taste it... yes, they really love the shit!

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