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Lady Chantal isn't known for going easy on her slaves. When she feels a pressure in her tummy, she makes this one lie down in the bathroom. After squatting over his face she immediately starts to pee and shit all over it. Most of her soft disgusting shit and her smelly pee go straight into the slave's mouth, but a lot of it covers his face and the floor as well. Of course the slave not only has to eat all of Chantal's scat - he also has to clean the floor afterwards - with his tongue!

Domina Victoria orders her slave to lie down in the bathtub and sits down on the edge - with her sexy butt just above her slave's face! The she orders him to open his mouth wide and takes a big dump right into his mouth. Her turd is so long the slave has to use his hands to keep it in his mouth! Of course Victoria instructs him to chew and swallow all of her shit while she watches him closely.

Sexy Alexa's going to prepare a special meal for you today - a plate full of her delicious scat! I bet you've been waiting for this like forever, haven't you? She puts a plate on the floor and takes off her pink panties. As she kneels down over the plate you get a great view of her sexy ass and pussy. Then she starts to push and dumps a huge load of shit on the plate. Of course you get a great close-up look at it!

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